Sunday, 26 March 2017

back to basics.

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jacket and jumper | primark similar similar
jeans | topshop
bag | CSC
trainers | zara similar 

there i was saying i really need to branch out from the ol' jumper and jeans combo but here we are again...
i recently managed to split my trust blue jamie jeans right up to the bum, a glamorous look as i'm sure you can all imagine, so i began the 'great jean hunt' (you all know what i mean) 
i wanted to try something different from my 'sprayed on skinny jean' usual look, i've seen liv and kim rocking the more straight leg/more relaxed kinda jeans and got a little ispo.
 so i end up back in trusty topshop upon doing a little research and come out with these bad boys, its fair to say its love.

photographs by jay khatri

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

from india with love.

india 2
india 16 india 3 india 15 india 4Untitled-5india 6

i've kept the fact i went to india last year under my hat a little, i don't have too many tales to tell as it was a work trip so i was mainly in a car or mall but i can't resit a picture diary can i?
hoping my mum isn't reading this but i did nearly die in a tuktuk (from what i've heard everyone who visits has this brush with death) i also lost my hotel room key in a taxi for a day... 
india 14
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Sunday, 12 March 2017

return of the lob.

lob life 6 lob life 1
lob life 5
jacket | primark similar 
jumper and necklace | H&M

anyone else really enjoying my super tenuous title, it seems my sunday brain couldn't think of anything more original....
throughout my late teens and early twenties (kinda still in my early twenties but you know until last year is what i mean) i've always had long hair, its my safety blanket, the frame for this old moon face. last year i decided enough was enough and that i would cut it because daily dreadlocks are no way to live and it frankly felt a bit ridiculous. 
i will admit i am pretty lazy when it comes to hair cuts, so it had been nine months since i went for 'the chop' and was getting the itch (not literally, that would be worrying) so get a good few inches chopped off. 
i get my hair chopping done by ian at brookes (i highly recommend if you're an essex/hertfordshire dweller) i have been going there for a mere ten years...
fun fact, i have tried to shoot this jacket three times over the last two weeks, twice i have been rained off and once i couldn't find a good location (it would be nice not to be so picky about pictures) but best laid plans and all that. 
lob life 2
lob life 4

Sunday, 5 March 2017

maybe baby.

maybe baby 8 maybe baby 1 maybe baby 5

jacket | love similar
jumper | joanie clothing
skirt | bershka
bag | asos
boots | ebay
i had to seriously cull the amount of swishing around of pictures for this post, there is something about midi skirts that make me want twirl (yes i am five years old, you know you would too)
as much as i love a midi skirt i wish i was brave enough to wear them on an everyday kinda outfit (basically like this outfit) i feel like i want to be a bit braver with my style in general as i am very much a jeans and jumper kind of gal. 
i feel i was being a bit enthusiastic when braving bare legs a few weeks ago when we shot this outfit, they have firmly gone back into tights until the weather takes a good look at itself and sorts its life out. luckily the spanx i was rocking under this skirt (partly for warmth, partly for their job) were keeping my thighs toasty warm, plus i went home and put my pj's on shortly after...its all glamour this blogging business 
maybe baby 4 maybe baby 2 maybe baby 6

Sunday, 26 February 2017

broadway market.

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jacket | missguided
top | matalan
jeans and belt | topshop
boots | new look similar 

there are fewer things i love than wandering round a food market on weekend morning, even on a freezing slightly rainy day i'm game. amazingly i hadn't visited broadway market yet, considering how close to shoreditch (well i say close, i don't mind walking a few miles to save on a bus fair...) so i coaxed jay out of bed with promises of food stalls and cute dogs, thankfully they were delivered (we saw a bulldog puppy and i nearly died of its cuteness, literally) 
the stalls of pastries, burgers and other foodie delights were pretty dribble inducing but when its raining and your holding an umbrella/camera/bag/kitchen sink sometime you just want to warm up and potentially people watch, a cafe is very much needed. we managed to snag a window seat at the market cafe, where i discovered that eggs benedict on hash browns are a match made in heaven! it gets very busy in there and looks like a fave haunt of the locals so i recommend being an organised human and booking if you want a table. 

this missguided jacket is basically like wearing a furry hug, its so thick that i do struggle to move my arms but thats a small detail and you don't need your arms for many things, do you....
also, big fan of this matalan top which is a total steal at twelve pounds, it costs less than going to the cinema! (the cinema in london anyway...)

broadway market 1

broadway market 2broadway market 9

Sunday, 19 February 2017

five things i've learnt since going gluten free.

what i learnt going gluten free

1 | you spend allot of time reading the back of packets
i think i spend more of my time when shopping checking the back of packets and googling if i can have things, i once didn't realise barley had gluten in it (what a plonker)

2 | coconut and rice become your best friends
everything i seem to eat is made of coconut or rice, i should probably have shares in mrs crumbles coconut macroons.... 

3 | lunch is the trickiest meal
this is my biggest gripe with being GF, i'm not a bit salad girl so if i forget my lunch and end up in pret or costa (the worst offender) it does leave me just staring at the counter with small beads of hanger induced sweat running down my forehead. recently M&S have started a range of GF sandwiches which have been my saviour, so fewer lunches on the go have ended up with hanger rage!

4 | everything seems to be one pound more expensive
whenever i have been to a restaurant or cafe i will very often hear 'yes the GF option will be more expensive, thats okay isn't it?' well its not but i'm already spending more on my pasta and bread so carry on with my bankruptcy (i have been buying stuff from amazon which is a little cheaper) 

5 | its worth it
otherwise i would look like i'm expecting twins imminently

any recommendations for products, tips/tricks or restaurants would be very welcome my way
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