Sunday, 15 January 2017

adventures | 48 hours in bath

48 hours in bath 14
48 hours in bath 15
48 hours in bath 11
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48 hours in bath 9
48 hours in bath 5
48 hours in bath 6
48 hours in bath 4
48 hours in bath 11

a few months ago (bonfire weekend to be exact, actually is that a thing?) i ventured to bath for the weekend with my two best pals to see the fourth member of our gang and embarrass him as much as possible in 48 hours, its what any good friends would do, no?
we stayed in a beautiful air bnb which was a flat in a big old house, if you're ever looking for a place to stay for the weekend cherry's place is about twenty minutes walk from the centre of town (you gotta have some good calves on you to do the hill but its worth it) 
bath as it turns out is a delightful place to eat if your gluten free, so many restaurants and cafes that don't blink an eye about having GF options on the menu. the highlights were brunch at velo lounge and pizza for dinner at the stable (the four cheese pizza is all kinds of amazing) so a pat on the back there bath.
as a bit of a treat we got up early on sunday morning (read, arrived at nine am) and went to the therma spa, now its a bit pricey at thirty eight pounds for two hours in the spa but its worth it for sitting in the rooftop pool with your best pals looking out over that somerset goodness. 
looking back at the photos i already want to plan another visit, preferably when its a tad warmer, but you can't always count on england for that now can you?
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48 hours in bath 12
48 hours in bath 7
48 hours in bath 3
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Sunday, 8 January 2017

crocodile dundee.

sunday in kensington 14
sunday in kensington 9
sunday in kensington 8
sunday in kensington 7
jacket | primark
jumper | H&M
jeans | M&S
boots | asos*
bag | accessorize

i'm having a little moment for snakeskin, these boots have proved to have a marmite effect amongst everyone i know but i feel like i working a steve tyler/crocodile dundee (in their comfies) vibe when i wear them. 
this jumper is a current fave and a bargain at £14.99, i know i didn't need another cream knitted jumper but i'm a girl with a problem!

jay and i have a little tradition that we go to the natural history museum before christmas (a slight delay in getting this post up...) its just such a beautiful building and i am happy to wonder round for hours with a cup of tea in hand. i think i have some many pictures of different parts of the building over the years, this year we sent lots of time in the gems and rocks room, there is something about the light in there that is so calm and beautiful. 

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sunday in kensington 5
sunday in kensington 4
sunday in kensington 13
sunday in kensington 3
sunday in kensington 2
sunday in kensington 1
sunday in kensington 11

Sunday, 27 November 2016

adventures | corfu

corfu 22
corfu 9
corfu 13
corfu 10
corfu 3
corfu 12
corfu 5
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corfu 6
blue and white embroidered top | corfu market 
green leather jacket and white embroidered top | zara
shorts and sandals | topshop
sunglasses | ralph lauren
bag | accessorize 

last month i fell in love with greece, i always knew i was going to love it as i've wanted to visit for as long as i can remember!
admittedly on this trip we just sunbathed, drank allot of pina coladas, ate and slept for a week, which was much needed for both jay and i, but we did try to adventure a little. 
we stayed at the corfu imperial, which was dreamy, big white squishy beds, dressing gowns and slippers (my true loves in life) and the best hotel buffet food i've ever had!
if you've ever been to any other of the greek islands let me know any recommendations you have!

corfu 8
corfu 17
corfu 19
corfu 1
corfu 2
corfu 14

Sunday, 2 October 2016

shearling in shoreditch.

shearling in shoreditch 3
shearling in shoreditch 2
shearling in shoreditch 7
shearling in shoreditch 4
jacket | zara
dress and bag | primark
blouse | pull & bear
shoes | boden 

it is no secret that i bloody love transitional dressing, i love autumn, i love that slight chill in the air. i love it all!
this dreamy green leather jacket has been my latest addition to my wardrobe for this time of year, it has a zip on zip of collar so really its two jackets in one (or so i tell myself!)
i'm also really enjoying wearing long sleeves on top but bare legs on the bottom, i will not being embracing tights until it is necessary! this little pinafore dress does the job and makes me feel a bit like jenny from forest gump but i reckon i could work with that look... 

shearling in shoreditch 1
shearling in shoreditch 5
shearling in shoreditch 8

Sunday, 25 September 2016

a night in citizenM shoreditch.

citizenm shoreditch 8
citizenm shoreditch 12
citizenm shoreditch 5
citizenm shoreditch 10
citizenm shoreditch 4
citizenm shoreditch 9
citizenm shoreditch 1

having lived near london my whole life and in it for the last few years i haven't ever stayed in a hotel in the city, so the concept of a 'staycation' is a little foreign to me (especially when you have a pay london rent!) this all changed when i had my first staycation offered to me by the lovely lot at citizenM in their brand spanking new shoreditch hotel.
i jumped on the tube to liverpool street and a short walk later (stopping to take pictures of strangers houses along the way) i arrived, checked in and drive bombed head first into my huge bed. 
having messed around with all the light settings, which was mainly playing with the colour wheel... i ventured out into shoreditch for snacks and some dinner (which may have been  a nandos)
you might now think i went on to do some rock'n'roll adventuring, this is where you would be wrong. i sat in that comfy bed all night eating and watching films and that my friends is how you have a good time!
 having prised jay out the bed in the morning we packed up and headed down for breakfast (which runs to eleven am, this is something i am very into as most places run till nine thirty and who wants to get up that early on a sunday i ask?) 
we then proceeded to make the most of the buffet breakfast, although i remembered that being GF i can't eat half of the lovely things on offer but jay managed to do his best for the both of us. 
we then had a little snoop round the 'lounge' area and headed off for a sunday stroll round shoreditch. 

citizenm shoreditch 2
citizenM shoredtich
*my stay was provided for review purposes however all views and love of big comfy beds are my own
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