Sunday, 19 June 2011

i always forget how lucky i am to have my job, i will really miss it when i go to university. 
 this is the lovely place i work (bridal path) , we stock jenny packham, stewart parvin, amanda wakeley, motasem and tobi hannah  so i get to look a beautiful dresses all day long!!! 

oh and we have lovely shoes by rachel simpson and filippa scott 

this is the fabulous new website

love livvy xoxo

Saturday, 18 June 2011


yesterday was pretty hectic, my dad graduated from cambridge and now officially a D&T teacher! mama and i were very proud!

i got to jay's and found him wearing 'tan' slippers and cooking, its fair to say i teased him for a good two hours!

i also went to a gig, jays best friend dillon was playing with his band and they were really good!!!! i wish i hadn't drunk so much and had more sleep (i am such a rubbish teenager!)

this is their myspace

hope you are all having a lovely weekend

love livvy xoxo

Monday, 13 June 2011

stuck on a puzzle.

the results from my first roll of 120 in my diana f+.
i think i will need some  more practice, the only problem is its not cheap to develop. 

love livvy xoxo

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


been a little jilly cooper geek lately. 
this morning was not a good face day. i am so in love with my new jumpsuit, it is amazing! i normally wear it with my beautiful new moccasins but they don't mix with mud so my hunters were a better option.  

jumpsuit: zara £29.99

i looked like a twit wearing my jumpsuit and my wellies but i was very comfy.

blondie was getting pissed off with waiting for me and kept whining so snapped her to keep her quiet for a minuet. 

i really need to stop spending money and save up to go to austria and see steph!

love livvy xoxo

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

rinse me down.

london with jay's family.

another pizza oven session with my family.

new zara purchases
skirt £9.99
moccasins £19.99

my birthday present to myself
tim walkers pictures £40

i have been very lazy lately, i have finished school forever so i have been sleeping and reading lots, its very difficult not having a routine now and getting to see jay involves trains and buses. i got a new lens for my birthday (55-300mm) and it is quite possibly the most beautiful thing ever, i also purchased tim walkers amazing book, i have only had it two days and read it three times. getting very excited about latitude festival, bombay bicycle club are my favorite band so i am hoping that will be the highlight of the festival. 

love livvy xoxo

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