Thursday, 27 October 2011

middle of the bed.

having a cheeky mess around with photo booth. 

after my netbook decided that it would give me the blue screen of death every other time i turned it on my parents and i decided that it would only give me a mental breakdown if it carried on this way, so mama and papa came and visited me and bought me my early christmas present a very very beautiful macbook pro (i love it so much) i couldn't stop saying thank you!!

some pictures from when jay came to stay, as usual we ate too much and it was so lovely. 

hope you're all well and enjoying the autumn weather as much as me!
love livvy xoxo

Friday, 7 October 2011

home is where you hang your fairy lights.

some pictures of my home from home, im loving southampton. i have already lots lots of work to do and i feel proper unfashionable but such is life. 

this is one of my lovely flatmates jo.

i love looking out my window at night, the city lights are beautiful so i took a sneaky self portrait, im so out of practise and one of my projects is to take a self portrait so i better get back into the swing of things.

love livvy xoxo
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