Wednesday, 23 November 2011

horsing around.

some photographs i took of the beautiful emily last saturday for one of my university projects, the light was lush and autumnal. we used my horse jazz who was more interest if emily had food rather than standing still so mama was standing in the wings waving pony nuts around. i have been house hunting with the girls and realising how close all my deadlines are, oh student life!

love livvy 

Monday, 14 November 2011

tweet tweet.

dure to my lack of tumblr access because life has been hating on me lately i got twitter, bit late on the bandwagon i know but it does mean i can follow the whole cast of TOWIE (not even ashamed).

i have had so much fashion illustration work lately, its manic and i have to do six photoshoots to hand in before christmas (university makes my brain fry in a big way).

this is a piece i just finished working on mainly inspired by the amazing Raphel Vicenzi

love livvy xoxo

Friday, 11 November 2011

madewell madness.

little red.

hello sweethearts, these pictures were actually taken before i have a blog but when i was transferring all my pictures from my PC to my MAC and stumbled across them. they were taken in norfolk where my little cousin phoebe lives, it was at a vintage fair in this big manor house, which was really beautiful. i love big house with large grounds that have red brick walls and a secret garden feel. 

hope you're all feeling suitably autumnal and everything is lovely.
love livvy xoxo

Sunday, 6 November 2011

autumnal lust.

hello lovelies, just a few bits i am lusting over at topshop. i am home for the weekend, sooooo happy to be back in essex i have missed my family, friends and jay unbelievable amounts, the sheer joy of having a bath and the tap running for more than thirty minuets. watched fireworks with jay last night and went to the pub and saw my be sties, too much girl love with my friend sarah! got some leggings and jewellery to post about soon.

hope you all had a wonderful fireworks night.
love livvy xoxo

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


at the weekend i went up to london with one of best pals alicia (who's birthday is today!), it was a sham and a fiasco to say the least, we got forgotten about, locked out ect ect however BNTM was fabulous!!! i was so so excited when charlotte (from the last cycle) was presenting as she was my favourite! just before the catwalk show when we were doing a bit of shopping, then jade and imogen walked right past us and we were very starstruck (i may have punched lisa too hard in the arm). the catwalk show was ammmazingg and i wish i had bought my bigger lens but i didn't fancy trecking round london with a really heavy camera so i had to do some serious cropping when i got home. 
my tumblr is currently not letting me in as i have 'suspicious activity' on my account and won't let me reset my password which is rubbish as i have had it for a year and a half and its my baby.

also check the lovely magical voice of evie wilson. 

love livvy  xoxo
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