Thursday, 9 February 2012

let me be your everlasting light.

shirt: newlook
jeans: primark
cardi: zara
boots: topshop
fur: dorothy perkins 
satchel: cambridge satchel company
rings: newlook/red brick lipstick shop
watch: rotary

hello lovelies
well would you look at that a 'proper' outfit post! convinced my lovely flatmate E to take photographs for me (so many of me laughing as people walk by). this is my 'go to' outfit as its simple and warm, plus most of my jewellery goes with it. right now i'm eating mexican and watching e4 and don't plan on moving for a few hours. 

love livvy

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  1. I adore your nails they look amazing :) & your outfit looks lovely! you are so pretty! xx

  2. LOVELY SHOES!!! I like it a lot!! I'm following you, so hope you do the same back. Follow me at !

  3. Your nails are so pretty!

  4. nice outfit, love the boots! x

  5. Really pretty outfit, love the shoes and bag!

    Drea xo

  6. The blue ring looks amazing!

  7. Lovely outfit, love the shoes!!

    follow me back? xxx

    Rose x

  8. THE NAILS MY GOD. They are perfect! It's getting a little ridiculous how fab you are - every post gives me a new idea of something to do :) Tess xx

  9. I'm going to say just one word: PERFECT !
    Sorry if there are some mistake in my message, I'm french girl ;)


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