Tuesday, 27 March 2012

then when the cops closed the fair, i cut my long baby hair.

hello lovelies 
it is so good to be home, back in my new room (just needs decorating but more on the
at another time) 
i went to see my mama in a play at the weekend and the boy came too, i was so very proud of her!
on sunday the boy and i went to london to get him a suit for the ball, he looked sharp in pinstripe! we walked along southbank (forget how lovely it is every time i go) i took some pictures on film so when i have the pennies to get them developed i will share them.
since i got back i've been riding my horse and doing uni work in the sunshine, so lush.
being the twit i am i left the perfect bag for the ball on friday back in so'ton and none of my bags here go with my outfit so let the panic happen (such a girl)
hope everyone is having a lovely easter break
love livvy

Thursday, 22 March 2012

i’m a phoenix in the water, a fish that’s learnt to fly.

hello lovelies
in between forcing my suitcase closed and eating the contents of my fridge i decided to share some pictures i took of the beautiful zoe for one of university projects, I'm a little bit in love with them and zoe's hair is amazzinnggg! 
i'm going home tomorrow for easter, ever since i went home a couple of weekends ago i got a taste for home again (mainly me being a wimp)  and my mama is playing mrs scott in the play terra nova (cue very proud daughter moment) plus i get to see the boy properly for the first time in ages which will be lovely! 

love livvy

Thursday, 15 March 2012

when you're out here in this jungle.

my charity shop successes, i have been looking for a skater style dress for AGES and founds this bad boy in british heart foundation (i wear it backwards to get that high front and scoop back look) i also found this 100% silk top (a very cheeky £3.99). 
i got a letter from my cousin yesterday and she included a 'barbers chart' to go with my love of all things moustache related. 
i have been busy reading for uni (yes elle and company are included.....) also a cheeky picture of me in a hat because I'm procrastinating and i don't have the guts to wear this hat out. 
i promise i will be back to posting more regularly now (bad liv!) 
right now I'm eating ice cream out of the (large) tub and gearing myself up to getting my head round e-portfolio.
love livvy

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

you were sorta punk rock, i grew up on hip hop.

these are the two dresses and playsuit i got for a tenner in brick lane (impressive even for me) i adore the green dress so much, its so floaty and a beaut colour.
 my university work is almost coming together, got my first photoshoot tomorrow and one on saturday so I'm feeling allot more positive about it all. 
I'm going back to essex on friday, i haven't been home since christmas so i am flipping excited!
love livvy 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

every day on the hood of your car.

yesterday i got up at six thirty so i could catch the coach to london to see my best friend, she lives in scotland and goes to university in ireland (trying to get away from me clearly) anyway we only see each other twice a year and its is spent in the way that all best friends should spent time together; shopping, eating lots and being very immature. it was such a lush day we went to spitalfields, brick lane (holllaaa three dresses for a tenner, but more on that another time), the tate modern, wandered along southbank in the sunshine and mooched around oxford street. only pictures of food and my bestie cause getting up at six thirty did me no favours. it was a very long day but so totally worth it. 
sorry there hasn't been an outfit post this week but i have had lots of work, i will do one soon, promise. 
love livvy
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