Tuesday, 27 March 2012

then when the cops closed the fair, i cut my long baby hair.

hello lovelies 
it is so good to be home, back in my new room (just needs decorating but more on the
at another time) 
i went to see my mama in a play at the weekend and the boy came too, i was so very proud of her!
on sunday the boy and i went to london to get him a suit for the ball, he looked sharp in pinstripe! we walked along southbank (forget how lovely it is every time i go) i took some pictures on film so when i have the pennies to get them developed i will share them.
since i got back i've been riding my horse and doing uni work in the sunshine, so lush.
being the twit i am i left the perfect bag for the ball on friday back in so'ton and none of my bags here go with my outfit so let the panic happen (such a girl)
hope everyone is having a lovely easter break
love livvy


  1. A man will never understand the panic that comes from having accessories that don't match. Glad you've been enjoying the sun! x

    1. he really doesn't! its lovely, hope you're enjoying it too.
      love livvy xoxo

  2. The boy hahaha too cute x

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