Monday, 30 April 2012

i used to have it all.

hello lovlies
i braved the broken lift and walked down and then back up the seven flights of stairs to collect my asos package (living on the seventh floor is a curse and a blessing) but it was totally worth it as i got my lovely sale purchase, the perfect aran knit jumper. i was ummming and arring about it but the lovely charlie said it would go with everything, so i went for it! 
i have been working hard with uni work (hence my little absence, sorry) but been rewarding my self with my favourite treats and magazines (every things handed in, so fingers crossed for positive feedback!)
ever since i started uni i have been eating so many eggs! i think its because they're easy to make and I'm a lazy cook...
i found out I'm not going home till the eighteenth, even though i only have a few sessions left and uni this year, but luckily i will be back just in time for my birthday (nineteen going on nine) i do wish i was coming back a bit earlier though. 
i have been thinking about setting up a facebook page for my photography, but something keeps holding me back. do any of you have a page for your photography, do you like it? 
i just wanted to say a little hello and thank you to my new followers and lots of love to my already faithful ones, all your comments make my day! 
hope everyone is enjoying this little burst of sunshine between the torrential rain (did think i might need some sort of canoe to go to the shops the other day...)
love livvy 

Monday, 16 April 2012

i feel like the sundance kid behind the synthesiser.

just a few bits that i treated myself to today, i instantly fell in love with this dress as soon as i walked into primark (makes me look like a lady ohhlala). 
to be honest i don't know why i buy nail varnish because i am so utterly terrible at painting my nails, i think i get draw in by the pretty packaging and the delicious colours. 
i am also like that with magazines (but don't worry i can read and i do find them useful) just a sucker for pretty things!
love livvy

Sunday, 15 April 2012

come home safe to me.

hello lovelies 
these are the pictures i took of the beautiful phoebe when i popped up to norfolk. 
i've just got back to uni and am tucked up in my bed doing work whilst wishing i had one last roast. 
i want to make my blog a bit more snazzy but i don't even know where to start, might be a job for when i have finished uni for the summer.
hope everyone had a lovely weekend
love livvy

Thursday, 12 April 2012

i've asked about you and they've told me things.

hello lovlies
just a few snaps from the last couple of days, i went to norfolk to visit the family and took some pictures of phoebe (will share soon) i ate too much as per and got bullied by my lovely cousins. 

i have also included a sneaky peak of my new room, i haven't quite finished decorating it yet, but when its perfect i will give you a guided tour (because you all want too see inside my room don't you....)

not feeling the whole writing thing today so enjoy the cute picture of blondie and be glad she isn't there licking your elbow like she is mine. 

love livvy 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

when I'm flippin' through the pages.

model:gabriella ghelani
makeup: alicia jones

hello lovelies, this was a shoot from friday for one of my university projects. i shot it in one of my favourite places, the maze in a public gardens in saffron walden, the light is always so magical there!

i just want to say a huge massive thank you to everyone that reads my blog as i got to one hundred followers last night. i didn't think i would get one follower let alone one hundred! okay thank you ramble over now.

i'm off to norfolk today to stay with my family and hopefully take some more pictures of the beautiful phoebe.

hope everyone had a lovely easter weekend, i spent mine with my family and boy eating too much.
love livvy

Monday, 2 April 2012

you are now watching the throne.

belt: gift
bag:new look
shoes: rachel simpson

hello lovelies
the boy and i put our gladrags on for  the ball, i had a lovely evening apart from feeling like i was going to vom and the holes i got in my toes from my shoes (they still hurt waaa) we got one of the official really cheesy grin photos taken in front of some really cool planes, like so cool! (i might post if its not too cheesy just to show you the cool planes...)
i managed to get a replacement bag because of me being an utter twit and leaving my beautiful silver one in so'ton, however i like how this bag as a bit book shaped so i won't hold a grudge. 
we had such a lovely weekend just lying around eating sweets, meeting up with friends and i introduced him to the film despicable me, has me in peels of laughter every time! (i'm such child, clearly not mature enough to be nineteen in a month and a bit awwwah!) 
i have ordered my new bed for my room so post about that malarkey will come soon!

hope everyone had a lovely weekend
love livvy

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