Wednesday, 30 May 2012

no pill's gonna cure my ill.

dress: ebay but edited into a dipped hem
bag: birthday gift
ring: gift
knee bruise: a pimms related incident 

hello lovlies!
the photographs of me were courtesy of the boy yesterday as i was at aunty jens (without tripod and he enjoys doing it), i wore the outfit the night before as well (shhh no one will know...)
anywayssss how pretty is this dress, i love floating around in it and i don't feel like i lack leg like when i wear a midi skirt. i cut it into a dipped hem (not very well) and my cousin steph rolled the hem and sewed it for me 'cause she's a mega babe. 
the boy took me out for lunch in saffy walden to a really nice place called 'kims tea', i think the best tea shops are when you have loose tea leaves and you have to use a tea strainer (this place is  favourite of grannies so it must be good, that lady has standards) so top boyfriend points to him i feel. 
we met up with steph to go for a wander the art show in the town hall (i took place in it last year) and went back to jens, ate cake, watched the big bang theory and ate a midweek roast.
i came across a competition for all you beauties who wear glasses which is rather fab. scout are looking to find the face of scout, i was featured on their blog with my entry and all the information about it is here, it closes on the ninth of june so get your skates on sweeties.   
hope you're all having a top notch week and haven't got burnt!
love livvy xo

Saturday, 26 May 2012

little bitty pretty one i've been watchin' you grow.

hello lovelies!
apologies to anyone who saw this post saturday and it didn't have any writing (i forgot to unschedule it), my own silly fault!
i was at the boys about to write it but got distracted by tea, toast and getting dressed (ironic huh?) 
i've had a really lovely few days, friday i went for lunch with the lovely hester, chole and mama too prezzo and then went swimming with the boy (well more splashing)
saturday i went for a BBQ at the boys best friends house and drank too much pimms, walked (staggered) to anunty jens drank more pimms and fell up a step in front of my family (tres embarrassing)  so now a have two big bruises on my knee and hip, silly liv!
i thought i would show you lovely lot a few of my presents, (two were from myself...) 
the first was actually a present that papa got, but i have adopted it as its an emma bridgewater jubilee mug and its beautiful!
i treated myself to a new red lipstick 'ruby tuesday' by maxfactor (i wish i had the job naming lipsticks). 
one of my best friends, berry gave a this beautiful fox ring, although we were joking that it looks like the 'crack fox' in the mighty boosh. 
papa won a raffle the other day and i got given the perfume prize, this was fab because we never win anything and i had ran out of perfume (the boy loves the smell of it as well, so good show all round i feel)
i had got myself some loafers a while ago but they where too small. being a five and a flipping half size shoe means buying shoes from the internet is a bit of a risk so i finally got round to ordering a six and will be selling my other pair soon. 
hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and not hurting themselves drunkely like me!
love livvy 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

it's always darkest before the dawn.

sunglasses: H&M
earrings: ebay
necklace: handpicked and gorgeous 
belt: vintage
dress: gift from friend

hello lovelies
i cracked out this maxi dress that i've been meaning to wear for ages, i got given it when i did a spot of modelling for a friend. 
mama said i look very forties glamour in it so that can only be a good thing, so i enjoyed floating around the house in it all day, whilst jingling about with my necklace (so noisy when i run up the stairs)
i have been lingering about the house waiting to hear about a job (fingers crossed cause it would be such a lovely place to work) and watching too much mad men. 
being pale and pasty i have been enjoying the weather from the shade, but i am liking not having to bother  with a jacket. 
i do feel like i'm becoming a little repetitive with my blog, i do hope you're all not getting too bored with me. 
not sure why i look so moody in these pictures but i did have wind in my eyes so we shall blame it on that!
hope everyones enjoying the lovely weather!
love livvy

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

i'll put my hands over your eyes, but you'll peep through.

jacket: hand me down
scarf: spitalfields market
shoes: river island
bag: cambridge satchel company

hello lovelies!
well i have been a very busy bee over the last few days!
i had the boy at my house all weekend which was laaavely (even if he did have to do revision).
sunday was my birthday, so in true nineteen going on nine style i went to colchester zoo and LOVED IT. 
i fed an elephant (best bit), had a picnic in our seat ibiza squished between two boys (mama was a bit nervous when we lit the birthday cake candles, the car go a bit too warm) 
papa surprised me with a tiny bottle of cava at the car picnic, so we had bucks fizz with olives, feta, kettle chips, massive sandwiches, ect and BIRTHDAY CAKE. 
mama had made a cake with a man who had a chocolate moustache and he was smoking a pipe (she is a babe) and it was flipping delish' 
yesterday i went on a buying trip to london with jo from bridal path who i used to work for and is a family friend, i had a lovely day and forgot how amazingly beautiful the jenny packham flagship store is (i want to live there) 
wish i could have taken pictures but it was a very long day (i went to the theatre after) and my camera didn't fit in my bag but all the designers new collections are stunningly beautiful!
love livvy 

p.s. if you have looked at my sidebar you can see the lovely people at motel rocks are giving you beauties a fifteen percent discount with the code -TOPBLOG15-

Saturday, 19 May 2012

dirty diana.

dress: primark
earrings: vintage 

hello lovelies
todays photographs were courtesy of the boy, hence why i look like i'm laughing in most of them but he needed a well deserved break from revision. 
quite of a few of you commented about this dress when i posted about buying it last month, so i thought it was (just about) warm enough to crack this bad boy out the wardrobe. 
i do feel a bit 'mad men' wearing it and i can't bend over that much but the boy finds it highly amusing so i suppose its worth crouching to get to the fridge. 
for those of you who notice these things, then yes you are correct, i have had a hair cut (well and those of you who follow me on twitter would already know that...) 
blondie keeps sneaking her way into outfit posts these days (she doesn't look that amused in this one, clearly pulling a tyra 'fierce' face)
i am writing to you as my last day of being an eighteen year old, tomorrow i'm going to the zoo with my fam' and the boy to celebrate the big one nine (turning nineteen in a grown up fashion obvz)
i have a little pile of gifts in the corner of my room looking at me saying 'ohhh open me, you know you want too' 
hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
love livvy 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

what are you waiting for.

dress: ebay/gift
hat: new look
dog and awkward hands: own 

hello lovelies
this dress was a gift from the boy, boy did good. 
this dress fits me like a glove, however i did stand with my arms over head for a good five minutes trying to get it off and no one was around to help (five minutes of worried squeaking from me) 
this is one of my favourite hats, its such a delicious colour! 
blondie was doing laps of the garden whilst i was taking these so there are a few outages of me running to save my camera and tripod from here razzing over the deck. 
i dare say this will be the most lady like you will ever see me as i do not specialise in looking elegant. 
today i have been a top daughter by hoovering and dusting the whole house (i hate hoovering, i always have hoover wars and the sodding lead always gets tangled)
anyway enough on my hoover rage, hope you're all having lovely weeks.
love livvy

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

now they make new movies in old black and white.

jumper: asos
top (collar just seen): primark
shorts- levi
ring- ebay

hello lovelies  
'i moustache you a question, but i'll shave it for later' 
(makes me chuckle every time)
yesterday i ventured back down south to get some more feedback from uni, so far i have got all B's this term so fingers crossed that i pass my essay (and toes crossed).
i now have the joyful task of packing up all my stuff in-between watching a mad men box set, going for a romantic meal with E tonight because we are top gal' pals.
and then i shall once more be back into the loving arms of my bed, my one true love (...if you're reading this boy you know you come in right after mr bed)
not sure what is with my sideways lean going a bit how to pose like a fashion blogger on you all.
right now I'm looking despairing at the mess and wondering how the flipping heck i packed it all in the first place....
love livvy 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

mama loves mambo, mambo mama.

playsuit: warehouse
belt: vintage (worn a billion times)
necklace used as bracelet: miss selfridge
ear cuff: ebay

hello lovelies
this is one my best bargains, i was looking for an outfit to wear when the boy came down to so'ton and we went out for some drinks and threw some (bad in my case) shapes. anyways i was in warehouse on a task at uni (i can hear you tutting already) looking at trends and i just so happened to stumble across the sale rail...on the tag it said the playsuit was ten pounds and originally fifty pounds but i took it to the till and the lady had a nice chat with me and said i'll give it to you for five pounds (five blaaady quid!) because it has a little stain on it (my hair covers it so i was all over that deal).
i really like the shape of the top even if it does make me look like i have swimmers shoulders at certain angles, i think it has a bit of  a 'sports luxe' feel to it, however when i wear it with tights and i jumper i make it look more boy scouts...
any of you lovely lot go any amazing bargain stories, i always love a good bargain story!
and a big massive hello to my beautiful friend sarah who i know will be reading this because she is a mega babe. 
love livvy
p.s. jus realised its a week till the big one nine (woaaaaah there adult age)

Friday, 11 May 2012

bless my heart, bless my soul.

papa newman carving up the roast a storm.  said roast.  tomato bread made by papa newman's fair hands (very tasty and i don't like tomatoes).  homemade curry with lime and lemongrass cordial.  cheese and biscuits and diet coke.  due to having lots of spare time things like this happen (mature as ever).

hello lovelies
lately i have been taking pictures of my food for some reason so i thought i would share it because i like seeing pictures of other peoples food (bit of a nosey parker). 
as you can see we attempted to make yorkshire puddings, mama said they were more yorkshire biscuits (still pretty tasty though) any yorkshire pudding tips out there beauties?
i have been taking some more outfit pictures so i will post them this week (i posted one day right after the other and it felt a bit funny) 
i tried doing my outfit pictures on the cream wall in my room they just didn't look right, so you all get to look at my deck for every outfit post (lucky buggers eh?, I'm joking i will probably get fed up and move to another spot) plus natural light is the best light.
hope everyones having a good week, i shall stop rambling now.
love livvy
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