Thursday, 26 July 2012

we will light up tonight.

hello lovelies
the other day i went round the beautiful gabby's with some of my prettiest dresses and in the glorious sunshine of her orchard took some pictures. 
gabby is one of my favourite girls to photograph (she gives me pimms whilst we shoot, whats not to love) and one of my best friends!
there is also another version of the top photograph here
love livvy

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

pedal to the floor thinkin' of the roar.

hello lovelies!
apologies how photograph heavy this post is but i am so very indecisive when it comes to these things!
the boy and i went to le havre for our holidays, we pretty much ate (mainly macaroons), slept, drank, wandered about and chilled at the beach.
the weather was like how it is now in england but with a tad more wind so it was lovely!
our hotel was hotel vent d'oest and my gosh it was lovely, it was nautical themed so i was in heaven!
apart from the ferry rides feeling like the worlds longest journeys it was absolutely wonderful!
i have missed blogging and reading blogs, i look forward to catching up with you all very much!
love livvy xo

Friday, 13 July 2012

take me to your best friend's house.

hello lovelies!
i seem to be a one post a week girl at the moment.
i'm just packing for my holiday (will stop banging on about it soon) my essential items are suncream (pale fo' life), sunglasses, iPod, book, passport (obvz) and my camera, apart from clothes thats all i really need to chill in the sun with my boy. 
i will be back on the twenty second, i am not organised enough to have set up guest posts but i will do that for when i go to poland in august so if anyones interested give me a shout! 
papa n has just walked into my room holding a knitted burgundy tie and claiming its 'trendy' (will he ever learn) 
love livvy

Monday, 9 July 2012

so with toothpaste kisses and lines.

breakfast with my new emma bridgewater egg cup - being two phones newman in staryb's - the boy - coffee kisses - the boys beautiful kitchen - reggie

hello lovelies
i have finally returned home after staying at aunty jens for work (for those of you who don't know i lived with aunty jen for two years on the week days to go to sixth form as the bus journey was too long, even though driving it in a car only takes half an hour) so my days have been filled with work, fat jokes and copious amounts of tea.
my room right now is full of university stuff as i didn't want to leave much behind until the landlord had sorted our house out (dead mouse in the kitchen, need i say more) 
today i did my usual good egg monday activity of helping mama with her riding for the disabled lesson (i got the pony that bites as per) 
i'm off for a bath and to think about packing for froggy land.
love livvy
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