Friday, 31 August 2012

say my name and every colour illuminates.

jacket: christian lacroix but found for a pound in brick lane.
dress: new look
bag: cambridge satchel company
fur: dorothy perkins
sunglasses: H&M
brogues: clarks
papa n was shouting 'love the camera' and 'walk for me darling' during all of these photographs being taken, so helpful. 

hello lovelies
yesterday it was my brothers birthday so we went of a fam' trip to hampton court, and my gosh it was beautiful!
after being slightly grumpy (actually very, hunger is not my friend) at the fact some woman was faffing about getting chips and then taking the last portion at the cafe it was a lovely day (i settled on a chicken sandwich, not chips but i won't hold a grudge...)
the journey was quite a long one involving two overground trains as well as the underground but we got there in the end and spent hour wandering around. 
i love love love tudor history, i failed my history AS levels but i still love it, so my inner history geek was having a field day (wasn't charles II a naughty boy, many a mistress he had!) 
i think i love the tudors because the had so much scandal, its like gossip and history, whats not to love eh?
the palace also had many a chandelier, i love a good chandelier but who doesn't so much deliberation about how to steal one was going on whilst wandering around (don't worry i didn't, none of my plans of putting them under my dress would have worked anyway, a girl can dream)
i'm back on tumblr after a year break (tumblr decided to lock me out), so if you fancy a peak its here.
hope you all have a lovely weekend!
love livvy 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

in our own world.

hello lovelies!
hope you're all well and are having a wonderful summer, i am trying to get my brain round the fact that i'm going back to uni in under a month (ahhhh second year panic panic!)

1. i didn't take very many pictures on our seaside adventure because i was having such a lovely time, i know its very unlike me but i go back quite often so next time i go i will show you how beautiful it is there. we stayed at my aunty and uncles campsite which i highly recommend (not bias..honest!)

2 & 3. mama bought these lovelies back from her trip to the edinburgh festival (so jel', its my favourite holiday) 

4. surprise surprise liv chose a cream knitted jumper as part of her work uniform...classic.

5. when the boy and i were visiting my family in norfolk on our seaside adventure i picked up this little gem in a shop called indigo bay. 

6. liss gave me my very late birthday gift (my birthday is in may) but never late than better, especially if its cath kidston!

7. i decided it was time for a new purse i have had my tweed old lady one for four years and it still faintly smells like cat (i think i new purse is a good omen for being better with money)

love livvy

Thursday, 23 August 2012

at last my love has come along.

model: ellie bryan
make up: alicia jones

hello lovelies
i have just arrived back from my little seaside adventure with the boy (flipping shattered after all the driving)
on monday i took some photographs of the lovely ellie and her wonderful wardrobe. it was in a field of gorgeous purple flowers that i have been eying up for photographs, for what feels like forever!
there are a few more on my Facebook page
love livvy 

Friday, 17 August 2012

the big bad wolf.

dress: new look
necklace: this charming girl

hello lovelies
i picked this little number up on my lunch break the other day, i have always wanted a cream lace dress and here it is!
i haven't been working much this week so i've just enjoyed making cards (saddo, i know) and sitting in my bed like a lazy sod!
the boy and i are off to the pub (i'm driving so only fizzy pop for me, forever leading the wild life)
love livvy 
p.s. i joined the facebook malarkey for my photography so go have a cheeky peak if you fancy.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

you make me feel i'm alive.

hello lovelies!
i thought i would give you a sneaky peak into my trip to poland with my family or 'swiss family mad' as i lovingly refer to them as.
i ate far to much cheese and ham (my skin is not thanking me for this)
it was not as hot as i thought it was going to be (intact it rained a bit) however i saw some beautiful things and papa n gave his best quote to date 'oh that is a sensible sized mountain' i think this explains why i'm not very normal...
any of you beauties been on holiday this summer?
love livvy 

Friday, 10 August 2012

unroll the riot van.

1 & 2: cheeky little cath kidson sale purchases, i couldn't resist the plate as it is toast sized which will be perfect for uni, as its all i seem to eat there and it won't break if i drop it (butter fingers! liv that wasn't a funny joke) annyywaaayyy i also though this little mirror was lovely as my current bag mirror i've had since year ten or something and its a bit tired!

3: this mug was a gift from the boys brother as a late birthday present, the boys mama and i have a weakness for anything emma bridgewater! 

4: a little pay day treat that was only a tenner so i felt it was okay, its so sparkly and cute plus i don't really own many tops for some strange reason.

this is a scheduled post as i'm in poland, probably hiding from the sun and reading too much!
love livvy 

Monday, 6 August 2012

he doesn't drink smoke laugh, takes herbal baths in the country.

top: glamorous via ruby room 
trousers: crew
necklace: made by my own fair mitts

hello lovelies!
i know outfit posts have been a bit sporadic (as cher from clueless would say) but i haven't had money for clothes recently as being an adult and other stuff gets in the way.
however this week i did PASS MY DRIVING TEST, ohhhh yeaaaaah it feels good after two years of learning and frustration (i did have a gap between lessons as i had to go to uni) so i will be razzing around in my little red car doing photoshoots (its the same colour as my lipstick, coincidence eh...) and i have planned a tiny road trip with the boy to the seaside for a few days.
tomorrow morning (very very early) i am off to poland with my family for a week, apparently its 35 degrees so i will come back resembling strawberry jam. i have to share a suitcase with my brother (god knows why i agreed to this, i am a girl) 
i have, as per been busy working but i work with some utter babes so it makes working when the sun shining bearable (they all have really nice nails as well, i get nail envy every shift, must make more effort with mine)
love livvy

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