Wednesday, 31 October 2012

three queens and broken dreams.

playsuit: primark
jacket, boots and scarf: ebay
ring: vintage

hello lovelies
this is my accidental nod towards wednesday adams today!
tonight i'm going out as a devil tonight, but i really couldn't look scary if i tired, i just don't really do scary. 
i love this playsuit, i got it more a mere seven pounds in the primark sale!
pretty much becoming sergically attached to this scarf at the moment, it just goes with everything (my nails also match the red...)
hope everyone has a wicked night (pun oh so intended), i'm off to consume lots of vodka (and probably some chips on the way home...)
love livvy

Saturday, 27 October 2012

if you're gonna try and walk on water make sure you wear your comfortable shoes.

coat, skirt, scarf: ebay (i don't have a problem..)
jumper: primark
boots; topshop
bag: cambridge satchel company
rings: ruby rae love and vintage market

hello lovelies
this was my 'oh my gaaaad its so bloody cold' outfit, i wore for a little trip to the cinema (sky fall was SO GOOD) i wish it were acceptable to wear my slippers to the cinema because then it would be perfect. 
i am in love with this duffle coat, if i wear a jumper under it i find it a bit tricky to move my arms (lay off the tea cakes liv) however apart from that it is perfection, as is my new tartan scarf that hasn't left my neck since it arrived. 
pretty sure i'm going to have to start sleeping my bobble hat on soon (perks of a drafty student house) but luckily i have a furry gilet and a hot water bottle to surfice for now.
last night i made nacho burgers, if you have been thinking about it, do it they are uhhhhhh-amazing, i like blogging about food but at uni i normally eat it too fast as i'm the person that always hungry before they cook (rookie error) 
love livvy

Monday, 22 October 2012

i drink to remember, i smoke to forget.

jacket: ebay
top: jack wills
skirt: ebay
boots: ebay
scarf: vintage
rings: charity shop and ruby rae love 

hello lovelies!
this is by far my favourite autumn outfit, i have this skirt in a beige/coffee colour as well, they're just so flattering.
i went home for the weekend and it was SO GOOD to sleep in my own bed, the boy and i also celebrated our year and a half anniversary (we didn't do anything massive, just had a lovely romantic evening) i also had a big family meal which was lush.
i'm off for tea, bourbons and a bit more sketchbook work before my shift at crew.
love livvy

Monday, 15 October 2012

to my heart they long to press you, sweet heart.

jumper: primark
shirt: charity shop
jeans: H&M
fur: DP
loafers: clarks 
slight wonk in photos: perks of student garden

hello lovelies
hope you're all well and had a wonderful weekend
i visited the boy, went to the aquarium, fell over a bollard (bloody painful, wasn't even drunk), had the most stressful journeys ever, however all in all it was a lovely visit. 
my camera decided that it didn't fancy taking decent pictures of my accessories today, especially as my nails actually looked nice (i used models own 'beths blue' and a layer of 'pearly queen' over the top, it looks laaavely, promise) 
my lions mane of hair seems to have returned after just over a month of being cut
i'm off to get some teacakes (the chocolate variety) and crack on with some work. 
love livvy

Monday, 8 October 2012

oh i could bore you with the truth about an uneventful youth.

models own nail varnishes from tk-maxx for £7.75 - new snuggly jumper from primark - I-D magazine for one of my projects creating an cover and editorial for the magazine - new belt from primark

hello lovelies
this weekend i made lots of food and cuddled under the duvet with my favourite boy (soppy liv...) 
after last thursdays shenanigans with uni the next day i really didn't feel like doing too much, however i had my first shift in the southampton crew which was so busy compared to little saffron walden!
today i was veerrryyyy naughty and went for a nandos for lunch with e and her boyf but the weather is naff so i justified it in my head somehow...
i ordered my new winter coat, now i have to wait 20-24 days impatiently for it.
i feel like all i wear is the same things at the moment, has everyone enjoyed my latest outfit posts or are they a bit dull? 
love livvy

Thursday, 4 October 2012

bluer than velvet were her eyes.

jacket: ebay
dress: H&M
belt: borrowed
shoes: clarks 

hello lovelies
i picked this little number up when i popped into H&M when i went in for some jeans the other day as it was a cheeky fiver in the sale!
i'm off out with the girls in my house for vodka and dancing even though i have a day of uni tomorrow (naughty liv)
hope everyone at the cosmo blog awards has an amazing night tonight, so jel'!
love livvy

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

i left you by the house of fun.

top: primark
leggings: primark
fur: dorethy perkins
boots: ebay
delightful backgarden: student house

hello lovelies
fun fact: i bribed my house mate ellen to take these pictures by buying her rolo cookies due to the fact that it was going to rain and my tripod is buried.
i am STILL bloody ill, i think it has mutated into more (and more horrible) germs.
but on the plus side i started my second year of fashion with photography on monday and am excited for all my projects (even though the fashion marketing project terrifies me, gulp!)
i love the dip hem of this top and its soooo comfy, i think it would be too long to be pair with jeans but its perfect with leggings!
love livvy

Monday, 1 October 2012

you're in the door.

*this is a sponsored post*

hello lovelies
now as you all know i am from the essex countryside and a keen horse rider (yes i was a pony club girl).
now when you're riding through the fields its not easy to look stylish however joules range of women's polo shirts certainly jazz up a pair of jodhpurs or jeans when you're mucking out! 
either layered up with a long top underneath or going straight in for the long sleeve option you will be cosy, especially with a pair of hunters and a barbour jacket!
i would show you an amusing picture with me and some ponies but they're all back in essex!
love livvy

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