Friday, 30 November 2012

just maybe, laka ukulele.

coat: ebay
top, jeans & shoes: primark
cardi: zara

hello lovelies
today has actually been a fairly productive today (they're normally spent in my pj's debating doing work) but i went into uni and helped on a shoot, edited some photos, then went on a big shop to asda (i know that you're all finding this reaaalllyyyy interesting) annnyywaayyy....
whenever i put these trousers i get that scene from new girl in my head, for those of you who don't know it, shame on you but as i love you take a cheeky look at it (and weirdly it just came on the t.v) 
i had been eyeing these bad boys up in my routine trip to primark (god i have primark issues) and as i was pursuing the sale section (more issues liv) i found them for a mere fiver and had a hard time leaving them behind.
initially i had issues finding something to wear them with but i took a leaf out of the 'printed trouser queen' olivia's book and all was good. 
and if you have survived this ramble without having your head on the key board snoring and dribbling a bit you deserve a chocolate medal. 
love livvy
p.s. i was thinking about sharing some of my uni work if you fancy a peek? 
p.p.s i have been thinking about re-ombreing my hair or dying it chocolate brown, help a sisstaaa out. 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

when the chips are down i'll be around.

hello lovelies
i went to my first bloggers event last week at the beautiful dahlia boutique
after getting lost (top skills liv, top skills) i arrived and stood like a bit of a lemon (mainly being super starstruck) until the lovely monica came and said hello.
we perused the beautiful clothes, drank some bubbly and had a gorgeous collar chain made!
 i may have fallen in love with this and this but my sensible 'you need to eat this month liv' voice got the better of me (even when there was discount available boo hoo)
i had to dash near the end so the boy didn't get locked out before he had to dash off to uni so i didn't get to pick up my polaroid (looking like a slight deer in the headlights...) but i did get a wonderful gift bag full of lovelies things
thank you for much for having me dahlia ladies you were wonderful and i had an amazing time!
love livvy 

Friday, 23 November 2012

you got another one coming.

coat: ebay
dress: H&M
cardi: zara
boots: ebay
bag: gift
rings: primark and vintage 

hello lovelies
just a cheeky outfit post of when i went shopping with the boy today, my hair decided it didn't really want to dry so it looks a bit flat. 
i got this dress for halloween and haven't worn it since (even though i laaave it, i have a thing about red for some reason) so without thinking i just chucked it with my trusty zara card and chelsea boots that never seem to leave my feet (wearing out the soles already) and volia a casual outfit for a lazy friday! 
i have a post coming up about the dahlia event with was fab even though i got a bit star struck and super nervous, i want to take some pictures of the lovely bits we got in the goodie bags when i get back from london (we were super treated)
hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
love livvy 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

a thousand miles and poles apart.

hello lovelies, i thought i would share some snapshots of life lately.

1. a lovely lunch in brighton at cream tea after a rainy and windy photoshoot (they had the lushest cake there to make up for the almost pneumonia)  

2. cheeky cooked breakfast on a wintery morning.

3. pretty sunsets in hackney wick whilst visiting the boy.

4. a beautiful shop in brighton's lanes. 

hope everyones had a wonderful weekend!
my aunty and uncle came for a visit yesterday we went for caribbean food and cocktails (the best mix).
today i wandered into town to get tights and a memory stick (exciting i know) and then settled down with some tea and a marketing report. 
love livvy

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

how we move from A to B it can't be up to me.

gilet, shirt and rings: primark
shirts: levi via rocket vintage
boots and belt: ebay 

hello lovelies
not going to lie this outfit is so bloody snug (well on the top half), its like wearing a small snuggly animal.
the photos don't show it but this shirt has a really lovely collar with pearls sewn all over it but the fur kind of hides it. 
i spied these rings in westfield at the weekend and queued for what feels like a gazillion hours to get one packet of rings, however laaaave them so all is forgiven. 
also if anyones had a bad day take a cheeky look at dave the hamster who is our house babe (such a cutie)
love livvy

Thursday, 8 November 2012

i’ve been sleeping here instead.

dress: primark
jumper: asos
belt: ebay
shoes: clarks 
wonky eye: own

hello lovelies
first off THERE ARE SAUSAGE DOGS ON MY DRESS, i had to text my mama as i was that excited about this fact (it was also a fiver, winner winner chicken dinner) 
this is one of my favourite jumpers, its just perfect for layering and you all know how i feel about cream cable knits...
this week hasn't been the best, had a little break down about work (in class, what a tit) but i'm just trying to work through it all, i have two photo shoots for my projects this weekend so that will be a big chunk done!
now if someone could bring me a sausage sandwich and a cup of tea that would be lovely...
love livvy 

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