Tuesday, 4 December 2012

saving all my love for you.

hello lovelies 
i thought i would share some of my little purchases over the last few weeks, i'm currently tucked up on the sofa trying to do work with a horrible horrible headache. 

1. mittens from primark, now its getting colder my badly circulating hands are suffering (for two pounds you can't really say no)

2. company magazines december issue, i have been trying to track it down for ages in so'ton but finally found it tucked away behind an elle!

3. the only moisturiser i use on my body, i though it was just going to be a pot of the creme (like in the bottle) but this is pretty solid and a bit oiler but it still makes my skin silky soft.

4. bad bad liv, i have shoe issues i know. 

5. i managed to nab myself an advent calendar in asda, as i picked it up the boy said 'are you reaaalllllyyyyy getting a peppa pig advent calendar?' 

6. my new favourite lip balm, it smells devine. 

love livvy

p.s. the boy and i made a roast on sunday (well my only contribution was roast potatoes) 


  1. I literally love Peppa Pig - would have got that advent calendar if I'd seen it! Instead, I have a Hello Kitty one, and a Power Rangers one for work! Who says you have to be a grown up at the age of 22! :) that roast looks DIVINE by the way! MMMM! xo


  2. Those leopard loafers seem really cute ! ^^ And the roast you made, yum. I was hungry before but now I feel like I could eat this sofa I'm sitting on ... :D

    Btw, I've been meaning to grab your button for a while now - and since I updated my sidebar yesterday, now I'm finally adding it ! ^^

    Indie by heart

  3. Love the look of the leopard print flats :) I love that Palmers Cocoa Butter too, it smells amazing!xx

  4. The mittens look so cosy and I absolutely adore the leopard loafers!xx


  5. i was debating whether to get the peppa pig one but ended up getting a princess one haha! I love that lip balm! Wow, that roast looks amazing! xxx

  6. Love the mittens! & I absolutely adore Burts Bees stuff, it's great!

  7. Those roast potatoes look proper ropey, maybe they where delicious and the photo doesn't do them justice.

    I'm not a fan of advent calendars, the chocolate always has a slight cardboard taste in my opinion. No gripes with Peppa Pig though, she's cool.

  8. Your mittens look so cosy, get well soon! Headaches are the worst.

  9. hohoho so many lovely stuff <3

  10. Following :) Please check out my blog, I'd love to see what you think!
    Bunny x

  11. Your mittens look so cute and I LOVE those shoes! xo

  12. I'm picking up a Burts Bees lip balm when I'm next in town it's been on my wishlist for ages xxxx


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