Thursday, 31 January 2013

i'll be alone, dancing and you know it baby.

dress: asos
scarf and bag: vintage
necklace: this charming girl
shoes: new look

aloah pretties!
i nabbed this little green skater number when the asos had their massive student discount, this was a cheeky fourteen pounds.
the skater shape is one of those that just 'works' for me (work it baaaaby work it, heheeehe)
i now need a grey one, i've been stalking ebay for one...
i've really been craving some sunshine and warmth lately after a very grey week with some disappointing things but after the sunshine yesterday i'm feeling a bit brighter happier. 
i've included some of my recent purchases, the topshop bralet was only a fiver! 
love livvy

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

twenty random facts about me.

1. cucumber is one of my favourite foods.

2. i always have had the bedroom that people want to come and sit in, i think its all the florals and fairy lights.

3. i hate spending over ten pounds on anything, such a cheapskate.

4. my favourite tv shows are gavin & stacey, miranda and sex and the city, i can watch them again and again. 

5. i love knitwear, especially cream.

6. i'm drawn to anything sparkly or floral.

7. my mama once said that i have legs like a gazelle but i run like a hamster. 

8. i can eat chocolate at any time of the day, its never too early. 

9. i have the tangliest hair, ever.

10. i went to live with my aunty and uncle to go to sixth form. 

11. i am a year older than my boyfriend, but i look like the youngest so no one ever realises (we've been together almost two years). 

12. i am the biggest bed/duvet hog, and coooocccooonnnn.

13. i always have really weird dreams, like last night i dreamt i lost my front tooth because it had an earring lodged between it and my other front tooth.

14. my friends and i have an obsession with sending each other pictures and videos of any cute animal, this happens several times a day (you should see our Facebook walls, its mainly cats and pugs).

15. i love mexican food but i'm allergic to peppers.

16. i'm really lazy when it comes to painting my nails.

17. horse riding has always been a big part of my life, i have been riding since i was four then i had a pony from the age of nine till i was sixteen and then shared mama's horse till we sold him last summer. when i have kids i hope it will be as big a part of their childhood as it was mine. 

18. i used to want to be a singer, one of my friends tried to make me go on x-factor (waaay to much of a wimp for that).

19. i love anything vanilla scented.

20. if i could wear my dressing gown and slippers all day i would. 

love livvy

Saturday, 26 January 2013

you sent me flying.

jacket and scarf: ebay
top: primark
belt and bag: gifts
jeans: topshop (high waisted jamie jeans)
loafers: clarks
necklace: delilah dust

oh hello there
i finally gave in and got myself some toppy jeans, they were exactly what i was looking for after my asos ones made my legs look like they belonged to a surf (not a sexy look i tell you this for free) i struggle to bring myself to pay for anything over ten pounds so these bad boys at forty pounds (well third six, good ol' student discount) made me struggle to pull my debit card out my purse!
the ankle grazing length do leave me with chilly ankles it has to be said but i laaaaave them.
love livvy
p.s. not sure why i look so ginge in these pictures?

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

you and i, bloodline, we come together every time.

faux fur gilet: primark
leather jacket: ebay
shirt: crew clothing
bag: cambridge satchel company
boots: new look

aloha, bonjour and a good day to you dear blog reader (and if that wasn't read in a miranda voice go sit in a corner and think about what you've done)
this was actually an outfit from a few days ago as right now i'm kicking back with some coco pops in my dressing gown and towel turban (thats right folks classy girl right here)
i chose this shirt for my work uniform but i love it so much that i wear in day to day as well, its this shirt if you want a closer look.
being really lazy when it comes to any shoe apart from my slippers i surprised myself by wearing these boots for a large chunk of the day (especially in the ice!) don't get me wrong i love shoes, probably more than i should but my slippers are the main shoe in my life (secretly an eighty year old man..) 
some of the things i say (mainly the slipper thing) surprise me that i'm allowed to be a fashion student, well half a fashion student...
love livvy

Monday, 21 January 2013

cuddles in the kitchen to get things off the ground.

fur coat: charity shop
cardi: zara
top and jean/chino thingys: H&M
mittens: primark
satchel: cambridge satchel company
wellies: hunter
lovely flat/wind swept hair: bloggers own

hello lovelies 
i really had the urge to start this post by going iyyyaaaaaa (in a really essex accent obvz)
i know there is nothing ground breaking about this outfit, but i fancied cracking out my fur coat mama got me a couple of years ago and decided to work the large hamster look (you know its in right now)
not sure why my mittens make my hands look like they belong to a six ft man but you know
so'ton has actually decided to have snow (although its mostly ice now, which is really goooood for the uncoordinated) 
hope you're enjoying the snow if you have it and not getting stranded anywhere!
love livvy 

Monday, 14 January 2013

you shout it loud, but i can't hear a word you say.

models: dillon and amber
make up: alicia jones
assistant: jay khatri

hello lovelies
i thought i would share some pictures from last term, my project was to chose a brand and create images for advertising using influence from film genres and artists for location, mood and styling (all a bit la di da i know kids)
i chose hunter wellingtons (if you hadn't guessed) the inspiration i used was one of my favourite artists jack vettriano mixed with my love for the mod film quadrophenia.
i chose brighton beach as the it combines the heritage feel that hunter embody and the vintage style that i get from my inspirations.
sorry for the ramble but i wanted to explain a little bit about them as a lot of planning and thinking went into the project.  

off topic i'm not 100% happy with my blog at the moment going back to taking pictures in my uni back garden feels like a bit of a step backwards after the posts at christmas which i was really happy with, its probably just me being negative but i just feel that quality is better than quantity. 

love livvy

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

he waves goodbye, to the town he grew up in.

jacket and necklace: ebay
top and shoes: new look
jeans: asos
scarf: vintage

hello lovelies
i love love looovvveeee the colour of this top!
i picked this cheeky little number up for a mere nine pounds, its made of a lovely kind of jersey material as well.
i order this necklace about two months ago from ebay and it only just turned up a couple of days ago and i haven't stopped wearing it since.
i know i'm back to my shabby student back garden but i will try do take prettier pictures as much as possible, promise. 
i wanted to show you a few pretty things that have come my way lately
the joules beauties were from jays mama, they all smell so lush!
i won the lush goodies from tillys blog giveaway, there were some other bits that i have eaten and are sitting on my feet.
i nabbed these when i was in westfield the other weekend, they're a bit silly but i love them!
love livvy

Sunday, 6 January 2013

whippin' meals up for a family of her own some day.

coat and scarf: yes we all know its from ebay
jumper: and hat primark
jeans: asos
wellies: hunter

hello lovelies
jay and i went for one last walk before i went back to so'ton, reggie loves getting as muddy as possible and trying to play with as many other dogs as possible!
i think my hat is on the wrong way round so it looks a bit funny, but its so snuggly and warm!
these are my mamas hunters, mine are the purple ones but i couldn't fit them in my suitcase on the way home.
i'm now lying on my bed back in so'ton eating chocolate and trying to summon the energy to unpack all my stuff, i think tea will be needed for this...and i'll just finish watching mrs brown (love films about queen vic)
love livvy

Friday, 4 January 2013

you showed me my tomorrow beside a box of matches.

hello lovelies
the other day the boy and i went to the natural history museum, we did it this time last year except this year there were about a billion children!
we wanted to see the dinosaurs  but it was an over an hour wait so we headed to the rocks and stuff section (i got a full on geology lesson from the boy)
we also discovered the restaurant in the museum, i had the most delicious chips evvveerrrrr (deffs dribbling thinking about them now)  
the boy and i got the giggles in the earthquake section and i ended up doing lots things like this, yes i know you all want to go to public places with me...
love livvy

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