Saturday, 26 January 2013

you sent me flying.

jacket and scarf: ebay
top: primark
belt and bag: gifts
jeans: topshop (high waisted jamie jeans)
loafers: clarks
necklace: delilah dust

oh hello there
i finally gave in and got myself some toppy jeans, they were exactly what i was looking for after my asos ones made my legs look like they belonged to a surf (not a sexy look i tell you this for free) i struggle to bring myself to pay for anything over ten pounds so these bad boys at forty pounds (well third six, good ol' student discount) made me struggle to pull my debit card out my purse!
the ankle grazing length do leave me with chilly ankles it has to be said but i laaaaave them.
love livvy
p.s. not sure why i look so ginge in these pictures?


  1. I love your hasma hand necklace soo pretty! xx

  2. Your outfit is so nice!
    Katie xx

  3. oh, you! you look lush (your hair is lookin dandy, too) as per xxxxxxx

  4. I love the bag, and Topshop jeans are always great x

  5. ahh a tartan scarf... I still really want one!
    been trawling ebay for the best deal!
    Charli @


  6. I've been umming and ahh-ing over getting some topshop jeans too, but have decided to treat myself next month when i'm not so strapped for cash!i love the jacket too:')annie x

  7. the jeans look lovely! I recommend Zara too for good skinnies :) xx

  8. This made me chuckle! I'm the same hate paying over £10 for anything!! X

  9. Can I just have all your clothes please? You always look lovely!
    Kaz x

  10. lovely outfit, love the scarf! xxx

  11. I really do love your style, so many people get things some nice things from primark I need to start really looking in there

  12. you always look so lovely :) love your blog so much!

  13. I always consider trying ankle grazers but I never think they'll suit me - I might just have to give them a try next time I'm out. You look lovely in them :)


  14. Gorgeous as ever :-) I love those jeans! I wish I could bring myself to be a tad less stingy haha. Beautiful bag too xxx

  15. Love this outfit! I really want a tartan scarf like that. The jeans are so worth it though they look great. I've been wearing ankle grazers recently too ... not practical for the weather but they look so cute!

    Sophie xx


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