Wednesday, 27 February 2013

dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight.

dress: primark
cardi: zara
necklace: ebay
shoes: new look

this little red number is making me hopeful for summer, jen however doesn't feel this way;
me -"i like wearing red it makes me happy"
jenny- "i like wearing black, it makes me grumpy, which makes me happy"
she's a cheery little chum sometimes.
also i went and got a mama's day gift, i spotted it at work the other week and knew she would love it (mama if you're reading this don't scroll down!)
love livvy

Sunday, 24 February 2013

i'll go wherever you go.

jumper and jeans: primark
fur: DP
shoes: new look
necklace: delilah dust
bag: gift
watch: rotary

good afternoon beautiful reader
well actually its pretty much evening, but anyway...
today has been pretty lazy and lovely just eating and cuddling up to jay, its been a very healthy day of pancakes and then a trip to the fish and chip shop (i won't tell if you don't)
these jeans have now been replaced by pj's as they are super tight and the chicken nuggets and chips i had got the better of me, plus sundays are for pj's.
as you all seemed to enjoy my last little playlist i thought it would be a regular thing, here are some more gems for your listening pleasure (jay and i can't get enough of the laura mvula song)
enjoy with some sort of yummy thing (for example the pain au chocolat below) and a hot beverage (preferably tea, they feel like tea songs..i don't know why)
love livvy

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

after my blood turns into alcohol.

some little snippets of my room, my bed is my favourite place i do everything in it (oi cheeky) 
my cath kidston sheets were the best investment when i started uni (i actually own three sets thanks to my generous mama and jays john lewis discount, they're babes eh) 
and some songs i have on repeat at the moment, i don't normally share music, but as well as these beauties i am a big fan of my R'n'B classics album, its bloody brilliant. 

lianne la havas- age
bastille- pompeii
purple ferdinand- beautiful anomaly
sam smith- lay me down

hope you all have a wonderful day beauties!
love livvy

Monday, 18 February 2013

wish i had a rabbit in a hat.

jacket: ebay
top and shoes: primark
jeans: topshop
necklace: delilah dust
faux fur: dorthey perkins
sunnies: H&M
bag: satchel 

this is a little outfit i put on for a trip to westfield for some bowling, which just turned into getting food...(us fattys, no...ahem) jay would have probably thrashed me anyway!
jay and i didn't do anything on valentines day but i did get some beautiful tulips on friday when i arrived at his.
i recently won a giveaway on cohens blog, got some lovely cath kidston goodies that i luuuurve.
i got another necklace in the delilah dust sale, i've wanted an initial necklace for ages but o is a bit of a boring letter, jay jokingly said get a j then and i thought it was a sweet idea. 
love livvy
p.s. lizzie, here is a joke specially for you

What did the green grape say to the purple grape?

Breathe, idiot! BREATHE!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

if you fall asleep down by the water.

model: matthew lacoste
assistant: jade phillips

a few head shots i took of matt, it was really nice to take pictures of a boy plus he's family so it was a pretty relaxed, plus matt being an actor/dancer made poses and facial expressions come naturally.
i feel like i've learnt allot about studio work over the last few months, i still think i'll always be a location girl but its nice to actually be warm on a shoot! 
after we ate allllooottttt of food (about three meals in the space of six hours, of course pancakes were involved...) i managed to be skilful as ever and flip a pancake down the back of the oven, yup you know you wish you could cook like me...ahem...
love livvy
p.s. if you fancy a peak at more of my photographs take a cheeky look at my facebook page.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

love me do.

today has been a lazy sunday of tea and cuddling reggie (he's jays pup for those of you who are newbies here)
it was so lush to come home and sleep in my own bed as well as having mama j roast (mama k is making one as we speak, it smells proper yum)
i don't really have much to share, hence the week or so's silence but i will try and shoot some outfit pictures this week.
love livvy
p.s. if any of you have a spare pennies at the moment jay is doing a fifty mile bike ride round london for the stroke association, there is a button in my side bar the goes straight to his sponsor page, you can also click here!

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