Tuesday, 26 March 2013

i know it's quite soon but you've got a lovely heart.

trench coat: primark
jeans: topshop
bag: ebay
shoes: new look

hello homeslices!
so looky who finally got a hair cut!
i seem to be getting the habit of popping into sainsburys (its in the same building as the car park) and buying baking things, i picked up a macaroon kit today! (yes, my life is very exciting) 
i was having a mooch in westfield waiting for jay to finish work and spotted this trench, i've wanted one for what feels like since the dawn of time so i decide that this baby would be mine. 
i've been chain watching the O.C. (so so obsessed) and its making me wish england wasn't so snowy and horrible right now, gimme sunshine!
love livvy

p.s. jenny and lizzie came to visit me for a shoot with henry the horse (well pony)

p.p.s don't forget you can nominate me for 'best use of photography' in the company blog awards

Monday, 18 March 2013

if i follow the light that i deem the brightest.

1. driving on a rainy sunday with the radio up nice and loud (don't worry i was parked, pwomise)

2. arriving home (essex home) to pretty catalogues and picking up the latest company with one of my girl crushes on the font, emma stone what a babe!

3. mama made cake for mine and jays arrival home, big fan of come home to cake and cuddles.

4. tea in my own bed, nothing quite beats it (repping all the cath kidston there...)

5. pretty flowers around the house make even gloomy weather a bit brighter!

hello amigos!
i have been home for a few days as i've started my eaters holibobs. 
its been a pretty busy but chilled weekend, visiting family and lots of food (obvz) 
i got home from jays last night and legally blonde was on the telly, so that plus a glass of red wine was a perfect sunday evening!

this week with the GFC shenanigans i've had a few more of you follow me on bloglovin' but i'm still missing about 200 of you, where you at? 
anyways if you don't already follow me on bloglovin' head on over so in the future you don't miss any of my wit and hilarity (joking joking) but if you fancy the link is here!

i don't want to be a boring brenda and bang on about this too much but it would be amazing if you could vote for me in the company style blogger awards for 'best use of photography' i know i don't a billion followers but you lot are babes and it would mean the world if you did vote.
alright i'll shut up now!
love livvy 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

we can jump in the ocean, sink like stones.

hat- £18 jacket- £29.99
top- £32 jeans- £36
shoes- £32 bag-£22
watch- £14.99 lipstick- £7.99
total- £182.97

my casual outfit is something i would wear everyday if i could, much as i love a tea dress a good pair of jeans with a leather jacket wins hands down every time.
this top is one i have been after for a weeks but can't quite bring myself to buy, adding classic accessories that have a quirky twist make the outfit a tad more interesting.
all this topped off with my favourite lip stick, perfect!

dress- £59.50 shoes- £35
sunnies- £12 necklace- £12
bag- £18 nail varnish- £5
total- £141.50

when it comes to holidays my family are more active,not like mountain biking or anything (thank gaaawd) but wandering around cities taking in scenery and finding cafes whilst i try not to burn!
this outfit is perfect for that sort of holiday
these shoes look like you could walk in them forever and the bag is perfect to fit my camera and other paraphernalia that i like to lug around.  

dress- £50 shoes- £25
necklace- £8 bag- £18
lashes- £5.35 
total- £106.35

i like keeping it simple when it comes to party wear, i think its because i'm lazy and don't like to have to take too much when i fall into bed (i've only woken up fully clothed once or twice..ahem...)
this dress is my favourite shape and the lace detailing is lush, the light nude colours mixed with the mint  is a beautiful and quite girly which is a look i tend to go for when i go out!
to make myself feel like a proper girl i like to wear lashes out because mine are non existent 

this my entry for the money super market competition to win £1000 towards a new spring wardrobe, sounds pretty lush to me!
the competition will be judged by the lovely liv, jen and natasha, so keep your fingers crossed for me beauties 
love livvy

Monday, 11 March 2013

hot and fresh out the kitchen.

jacket: ebay
jumper: primark
skirt: internationale 
shoes: new look

bonjour my little blog chums (i've started to call everyone chum, i blame jenny)
anyyywaayyy how bloody grim was the weather today snow in march, reeaaaalllyyyyy.
as well as a shiny new outfit which is super comfy, the other reason for this post is to ask if any of you lovely lot would fancy nominating me for 'best use of photography' in the company style blogger awards which you can do here:
lots of big kisses to any of you that do, let me know if you have so i can send virtual hugs!
love livvy
p.s. just realised i look like i'm working a beard, lush

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

just know that i'm always parallel on the other side.

just a few things that i'm enjoying at the moment, yes its mainly food...and pj's think that pretty much sums me up.
life has been mainly uni, food, sleep, repeat, so there hasn't been too much to blog about.
i had a comment this week, it might have been spam but they said i need to write more and that i'm 'throwing away my intelligence just posting pictures when i could be giving them something more informative' 
i feel that really if it write lots or little it should be my decision, and photographs are a bit part of my life plus i'm not here to inform i enjoy my rambling and bad jokes, i'm here to blog about whatever i fancy.
sorry to rant but i feel that you should be able to blog about anything you want to and however you want to.
okay, rant over.
love livvy

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