Wednesday, 6 March 2013

just know that i'm always parallel on the other side.

just a few things that i'm enjoying at the moment, yes its mainly food...and pj's think that pretty much sums me up.
life has been mainly uni, food, sleep, repeat, so there hasn't been too much to blog about.
i had a comment this week, it might have been spam but they said i need to write more and that i'm 'throwing away my intelligence just posting pictures when i could be giving them something more informative' 
i feel that really if it write lots or little it should be my decision, and photographs are a bit part of my life plus i'm not here to inform i enjoy my rambling and bad jokes, i'm here to blog about whatever i fancy.
sorry to rant but i feel that you should be able to blog about anything you want to and however you want to.
okay, rant over.
love livvy


  1. If you don't write about what you want to write about, chances are your readers will know it and then in turn, won't enjoy it! Stay true to yourself I guess!

  2. I don't like the blogs with pages of commentry, that's why I love yours so much! p.s. your photos are ace.

  3. cute post haha! i like your mug! xx

  4. Your blog is one of my absolute favourites, I always read your posts and your photographs are so beautiful. Don't worry about what one person thinks, blog for yourself! xx
    P.S. I love your pyjamas, really lovely!

  5. I love that mug! Ignore the silly comment, if they don't like it they don't have to read it, plus I love your pictures x

  6. I feel exactly the same at the moment, the photos on my Insta-fortnight posts are slowly decreasing as I start to have less fun and more dissertation writing! :(

    P.s Mmm those olives and feta look delicious! xx

  7. What a weird comment that was... blogs aren't necessarily meant to be informative- they're just a nice little outlet for people who like to ramble a bit and post pictures of whatever takes their fancy (least that's what mine ends up like anyway!).
    And quite frankly, anybody who isn't happy with a few photos of a scone and a tub of olives needs to re-evaluate their priorities in life ;)
    Kaz x

  8. I dont like you, rant over.

    Joking! you're ok i guess. I liked seeing your face today, hope your neck is better, less shower loving!

    Plus, i like your pictures, they make me happy.


  9. i totally agree, your blog should be a fun outlet and the content should be what you personally enjoy posting and reading! I love having a look at your blog anyway. That feta cheese looks amazing, i'm now majorly craving some!
    S x

  10. I like your blog the way it is! I saw you on some street style thing in Southampton! I live in Hampshire too! I do street style photography occasionally in Southampton. It'll be strange if i see you around haha xxx

    1. thanks beaut!
      if you do see me around come say hi, i don't bite promise! xxxx

  11. Just ignore the nasty comments. I always look at pictures first, that’s what tends to draw me to a blog and then read after. I’m sure you do enough writing at uni so why can’t you just post pretty pictures of things you like :) I think your blogs lovely !!

  12. you shouldnt bother really. I don't follow many fashion blogs and I chose to follow yours cause it's a perfect balance between lovely pictures, lovely outfits and lovely british jokes. so please stay true to your heart!

  13. Tea and scones - perfect (: And certainly don't listen to the anon/spam/anybody who tells you what to write. I always hold by the mantra if you want to blog it, blog it. Certainly there are times when I think, oh this isn't my best post, or, I'm not too sure anyone WANTS to read this, but I usually end up posting anyhow as it's an outlet for my thoughts - nobody else's! (: xx

  14. I've been craving scones like mad lately! x

  15. I love more pictures than words, I tend to skim read or just look through pictures on many blogs! Paige xo

  16. I think your blog is the perfect mix or photos and words, I love it :)

  17. hmm that's a weird spam comment! It's totally up to you what you write and post!! xxx

  18. I love your photos! I wouldn't listen to that comment, I certainly don't feel that way.

    PS- I love all your outfit photos too. I just found your blog and am having fun reading through the archives :)

  19. I completely agree with you about writing what YOU want to write! I love your blog, and this you have the perfect mix of pictures and words, I often skim through large chunks of writing anyway!annie x

  20. People are sooo rude!! I always love your pictures, these ones especially - olives and feta = yum! x

  21. stop writing about your life liv, noone cares ;)
    joking, loveyou bitchtits


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