Wednesday, 24 April 2013

i belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart.

today i went on a little trip to the V&A with my uni chums, we went to the david bowie exhibition (it was sooooo good!) 
we wandered round the fashion section first and loled at floating bra's and looked at all the pretty things.
and then (probably the best decision of the day) we went to the breakfast club, after getting lost for about twenty minutes whilst being hungry and hot we finally arrived and pretty much didn't talk till we finished eating!
i would have an outfit post but i haven't been sleeping very well for the last week and no one wants my tired face all up in here so here a couple of shots jenny took of me for one of our photography projects.
love livvy
p.s. if i haven't banged on about this enough i am shortlisted for the company blog awards in 'best use of photography' so if you fancy it would be lush if you could vote for me!


  1. gorgeous photos, and I now have that song stuck in my head! x

  2. gorgeous pictures, sounds like ye had a great time!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion beauty & life

  3. how lucky you are to have seen this exhibition! I can't wait for it to be in Paris (september 2015... haha)
    you look gorgeous on these pictures!

  4. so gorgeous :) was going to say gorgeous photos once again! haha well done for the nomination :)

  5. the floating bra's look so cool!! well done for being short listed in company's blogger awards-that's amazing!! xx

  6. that food looks so yummy! good luck in the company awards :)

    Julia x

  7. you take such beautiful photos livvy!! were these taken with your 35mm? i'm thinking about investing in one, but i'm still not too sure! xxx

  8. well done for the nomination!!! Your photos are always stunning.
    Anna xx

  9. Mmm that looks so good. Good luck in the company blog awards!

  10. aw livvy you're soo cute!! xxx

  11. Your pictures are always so dreamy <3

  12. Love the pictures! Cant say Ive ever been to the V&A, its on my to do list though x


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