Friday, 19 April 2013

summer comes, winter fades.

hello there!

1. i ordered some trial business cards from, i am super pleased with them, i can't wait to order some more with more of a range of my photographs on!

2. its got to that time where i decide i need a new purse, mainly because mine makes it so tricky to get change out, plus this is puuuurdy.

3. some new beauty bits, i got rimmel appcalips in luna (which looks like this on) and a mascara that i've only ever heard good things about (plus it was on offer)

4. fizzy laces to get me through my deadlines...ahem...

5. this years sandals that where purchased when it was lovely and hot in london because my feet felt like they were being roasted in my brogues. 

in other exciting new i have been shortlisted for 'best use of photography' in the company style blogger awards, THIS IS CRAZAAAY! 
thank you so so much to all of you who voted i did not at all expect to be short listed at all!!
now just to badger you a tiny little bit more... it would be amazing if you could vote for me again, via the badge in my side bar.

love livvy
p.s. my house mate just called me 'olivia, the lipstick expert' my day just gets better!


  1. your business cards look absolutely beautiful! and you're making me very hungry with the fizzy laces! well done on getting shortlisted sweetie, you definitely deserve it, your photography is beautiful!

    Pip x

    PS - I absolutely love the song the title comes from, singing it out loud now hehe!

  2. your purse is lavaly! where is it from??


  3. nice things! i love maybelline and rimmel. xxx

  4. Wow acolips looks so good on! You have just persuaded me to buy some.. agghhh

    Congrats on getting shortlisted! You certainly deserve it. :)

    Love Joyce

  5. I love those sandals! I'm always reluctant to buy a pair as the weather seems to take a turn for the worse when I have nice summer shoes!
    Congratulations on being shortlisted :) very well deserved!
    Kaz x

  6. You definitely get my vote Livvy your photography is always beautiful!
    Love that purse too :)
    Emily x

  7. oh i love those sandals! where are they from? xx

  8. ooh the business cards look great, I'm such a crap blogger I don't have any.. congrats on being shortlisted :) xx

  9. Love those sandals, too cute!

    xo Sohini
    TV, Turmeric, Tea

  10. Those shoes are adorable & oh my gosh, strawberry laces are my fav :D xx

  11. Your trial business cards look so amazing and you've also made me now crave fizzy strawberry lances!

  12. I love your purse, it's gorgeous (:

  13. Congratulations on the nomination - great blog!

    AoT x


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