Thursday, 4 April 2013

we're perfectly intertwined.

outfit un:
trench coat: primark
hat: ebay
cardi: zara
peplum top: new look
jeans: toppers
sunnies: H&M

outfit deux:
top: new look
skirt: internationale
boots: ebay
bag: cambridge satchel company

as you can tell from the gazillion photographs i have just bombarded your eyes with that i have been on a petie trip to paris (ite i'll stop with the french now) i left on tuesday and got back this afternoon.
a family newman trip is never complete without staying with some sort of friends and relatives so we stayed in our friends beautiful eighteenth century flat, as well as our friends we were welcomed by their dog calcium (best dog name evz) if you look carefully at the picture of him you can see he sports a fine moustache (you can also twist his hair into a unicorn horn...)
as a fam' we have visited paris a few times before we didn't do the usual touristy business (well the eiffel tower has to be done...) well things that were a little less touristy.
we went to chateau de vincennes for some history fun and made friends with the castle cat, standard. 
we still manage to have some shenanigans on the metro but between papa n's and my linguist skills we didn't go the wrong way...too much..ahem.
i also managed to slip in a cheeky trip to laduree, and that my friends is something that needs to be experienced.
so after a few jam packed (well nutella) days i am glad to be back in my bed, it is a little lonely though as jay has left me for a fossil geeks field trip (i didn't have to share my macaroons thought muhaha) so i'm going to curl up with my french magazines and my macaroon baby.

love livvy

fancy being a beb (french accent there kids) you can still vote for me as 'best use of photography' in the company blog awards (i'll shut up about it soon, pwomise)


  1. no no, mademoiselle don't stop with zee french! everyone should talk with a french accent/occasional french word. these pictures are so perfect, i'm in love! i miss paris so much, it's so so so beautiful and without sounding so cheesy, i've never felt so infatuated.. i'm so pleased you had a wonderful time <3

  2. I love Paris! I payed an obligatory visit to Laduree when I was there in the summer also, my my their macarons really are to die for! Loved your photos! xx

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time! I've never done Paris properly and I'd love to. Also for some reason I love how short that cat's legs are :')

  4. Wow lovely photos! The last time I went to Paris I was 13 and it was a school trip so I didn't really appreciate it as much as I should have. This post has me desperate to go back! xx

  5. Your photos are amazing, looks like fun! I haven't been to Paris since I was 7, hopefully going for my 21st this year. Fingers crossed. It really does look incredible. :)

    Charlotte x

  6. your hair looks amazeballs miss newman xxx

  7. oh haha glad you enjoyed Paris :)
    you chose the right moment to come, it's been raining all day!
    bisous ;)

  8. Oh the cat, and that jacket! I've never been to Paris! Hopefully one day!

    -Trina | bloglovin

  9. You're looking very parisian chic there. :)

    Love Joyce

  10. I love Paris! It's so magical. I'm glad to see i'm not the only one who picks up Vogue from different countries :)

  11. Gorgeous pictures, the kitty is so cute! love the French mags, I recently picked up a French Vogue too, so chic xx

  12. oh god I need to go to Paris again! Last time I went was when i went TO DISNEY LAND!!! was so sick but I was so young hahah.
    Such beautiful photos and looks like you had a lovely time-
    I am now off to grovel to my boyfriend and see is he'd 'like' to take me ;) mwahah

  13. Love your blog! Beautiful photos :) x

  14. these photos (and THAT COAT) are sooo lovely! x

  15. these photos are perfect lizzie! laduree is pretty much my favourite place in the world:') annie xx


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