Friday, 31 May 2013

call upon the ones who call your name.

top and jeans: topshop
necklace: hand picked and gorgeous
shoes: new look

the other night i went to the company blog awards with the lovely pasha!
i was shortlisted for 'best use of photography' (as I'm sure you know as i banged on about it!) i didn't win however becky who writes milk bubble tea was a truly deserving winner and lilly from red brick lipstick deffs deserved the highly commended, but thank you to everyone who voted! 
the night was so so much fun, complimentary cocktails, sunglasses decorating with pinned it! made it!, beautiful false lashes put on from the vintage cosmetic company, browsed new look's new collection, my hair made all beyoncey by tom from paul mitchel (please come and do my hair every day) and my favourite thing PHOTOBOOTH. 
big fan of a photo booth, espesh' if they have a fez in their props. 
during the night i met a blogging babes I've want to meet for agezzzz katy from little winter and the meg from wonderful you, absolute beautiful babes! they also came away with some prizes, katy won high commended for best blogging duo and meg won best fashion blog newcomer!

the goody bag a craaaazy good, I'm always really nosey about that are in goody bags because i haven't been to many events, i've put my favourite things in the last picture!
the night finished with pash and i having a mcdonalds, just to bring us back down to earth you know... that and we're not a fan of sushi that was on offer at the event...
have a lovely weekend!
love livvy

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

you been so good to me.

Pin It Forward UK 2013

i was one lucky girl when pinterest invited me to take part in their #pinitforwarduk campaign!
a moth ago i went to the party for the campaign which you can see here!
i love pinterest, a few years ago my friend sent me the invitation to join and i've been lusting after beautiful food, homes and drinks ever since.
for my pin it forward board i wanted to collate images of home decor inspiration as when i finish uni jay and i are hoping to live together in london, however he unlike me is not a fan of cath kidston or anything floral. these things are big elements in my decorating process!
so my board shows a half way point for living in 'decorative harmony' with jay (bye bye floral sheets)
now if you are not already a member of pinterest i am here with a link especially for you, you can join here!
to see my humour pins on food (lots of food), cocktails and other beautiful things head over here.

now next to carry the #pinitforwarduk baton is rachel and she blogs at lady m presents, which is a uk fashion blog/magazine its so beautifully laid out! she also is a style bloggers at huffington post 
rachels pinterest is here so keep an eye out for here pin it forward board soon!

happy pinning!
love livvy
p.s. i'm off to the company style bloggers awards tonight! thank you to everyone who voted i'm up against some amazing people so i don't think i'll win but its amazing just to be nominated!

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

there's a hole in my soul, can you fill it?

now i know my birthday was over a week ago but youtube wasn't uploading my video!
my cake was as ever a chocolate extravaganza, and thats how i want it to be every year.
i'm still going through phone drama and trying and failing several times to get an iPhone, but it feels like something out there doesn't want me to have it booooo!
love livvy

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

it gets more confusing everyday.

i thought as i had given you a tour of my uni room  (after allot of unpacking) thought it was time to do one of my essex bedroom, so welcome along and enjoy being nosey!
i love having lots of pictures, tickets and letters on my pinboards as well as cards dotted round my room (it was my birthday yesterday so more cards than usual) 

i hope you enjoyed having a peek at my room, i tired to take a nice picture of my bed but the light wasn't working but i have this bad boy (i call it the princess bed) 
just realised i own quite a few pink things, i'm not even a pink kind of girl....
also the moose (i think he's a moose) is called bruce, he's a fruity kinda guy and watches over me when i sleep.
as it was my birthday yesterday i thought i might do a little post/video on the things i got?
and fingers crossed i can pick up my iPhone tomorrow!!
love livvy
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Thursday, 16 May 2013

i'm latching onto you.

i love shooting with gabs, in-between her being a super babe in front of the camera, we had tea and cream eggs as well as dancing to beyonce!
i'm so pleased about how magical the studio shots came out (gabs bedroom, shhh its a secret) 
i wanted the shoot to have a magical feel to it, as the brief was to create a editorial for a magazine of your choice (lula, queen of magical magazines) and my theme was swans, this combined with the trend of monochrome.
monochrome isn't something i would usually go for, i love colour and shooting in colour but the black and white made the photographs a little more special. 
i really want to shoot lots more over the summer in-between working, i need to find some more beautiful girls to shoot!
love livvy
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Friday, 10 May 2013

like the city that nurtured my greed and my pride.

when receiving a text from jenny 'my house, friday. no if's not but's no coconuts' i was surprised by a little tea party from my best chums as an early birthday celebration.
jade and jenny got my a beautiful mug (see above) and a VERY floral picture frame and i have already filled (big fan of a picture frame)
i handed in my last pieces of work for second year which is scary and a relief all at the same time. 
i am now so ready to curl up with all the magazines i haven't had time to read and a bar of dairy milk oreo that my beautiful house mate gave me to cheer me up
tomorrow will consist of packing up all my stuff and trying to eat all the food in my fridge
love livvy
p.s. yes my badge does say knob jockey, my friends are so charming!

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

when i need you make everything stop

last night me and my favourite hampton of the south gals went for a little ellen/livs birthday/bye bye pontin (the fringy one) dinner at bella italia. 
pontin is leaving us for the big wide world of work for a year and it won't be the same without her borat voices, inappropriate dancing and comments and general lusting over everyone else's dinner, but i'm so proud of her for being such a clever little sausage!
after craving a burger for what feels like forever and sharing a hugggeeeee sundae with pryme i pretty much rolled how but it was still lovely and light outside so the walk home was pretty as the parks round here are lush apart from when you're being harassed by tramps but thats another story for another day.
also don't clazones look a little bit like big leaky pastries, just (not the nicest of descriptions i know)
jacket: ebay (i know i don't even have to tell you that now)
top and bangle: primark
jeans: topshop
loafers: clarks
bag: cambridge satchel company

my topshop jean collection has doubled (as in now i own two pairs instead of one) i decided after going into toppers westfield to get a bikini (which isn't in two of their stores, sort it out yeah toppers) that i would bite the bullet and get some joni's, i tired them on and it was luuuurve, i'm also enjoying being able to control how much ankle i show (ohh such a victorian minx in my jamies flashing my ankles all over the show)
i'm sure you've seen this top in primarni and if you have tried it on found the bloody odd the fitting is, i got a twelve as the eight was incredibly low and baggy on the boobs but tight under the arms, i mean really how will that ever fit anyone i'm not even that blessed in the boob dept. so being the little crafter i am i got a bigger one and shortened the straps...not really a hard task but you know points for being efficient and stuff...
i did still accidentally flashed a few people because it was windy but i'm sure nobody was scarred for life (at least i hope not...apologies if you were..)
anyway to sum up primark sort your fitting out because its drunk and need to go home. topshop snaps to you for making wonderful jeans but please sort your bikini stocks out in stores, i mean i expected it of so'ton but westfield really could up their game on that.
right ramble over
liv over and out....that was a bit lame...i'll just stick to what i know..
love livvy
p.s. anyone interested in fashion who lives in the southampton area might want to check out southampton fashion week, sadly i won't be able to go as i will be at home celebrating my birthday but it does look rather good!

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Monday, 6 May 2013

sometimes its fun, you pull my strings one by one.


a little birthday wish list i have compiled as soon i will to tuning the big two oh (being twenty on the twentieth still amuses me)
i'm not getting a big present as such this year but money towards my holiday with jay bird, five days in tenerife just lush!
as much as money is one of the most useful gifts i love unwrapping things and getting little bits you can tell people have thought about. all my friends tell me i'm the easiest person to buy for anything pretty with a floral pattern or moustaches on and i'm your girl!
hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend, mine was essay writing (poo) but separated with wagamamas, cocktails and pizza express (no regrets) in laaaandan with jay. 
this evening has been the standard monday night of having snugs with my house ladies whilst watching made in chelsea, the best kind of snugs my friends.
if you could all be mega babes please could you take a minute to fill out a survey for my essay
and as a reward for that, watch this (crickey this post is link central eh?)
and one last request (yes that was sung in a paolo nutini voice, how could it not be) if any of you are street style bloggers/street style photographers pretty please could you let me ask you a few questions for my project, it will take ten minutes over email and i will love you forever
love livvy

Thursday, 2 May 2013

its a new day, a new dawn.

jacket: ebay
top: primark
skirt: crew clothing
shoes: new look
bag: cambridge satchel company

just a little summery outfit i popped on today for a cheeky staryb's, just realised i look a bit preggers but whatcha' gonna do.
i trying to write some essays for uni (essays are the poorest thing ever) so i'm being a grouchy gretta about it and doing as many things as possible not to do it. 
i also made a video for the first time today, i sound allot posher than normal (nathalie said i was using my parent voice)
hope everyones looking forward to the bank holiday weekend, fingers crossed the sunshine stays!
love livvy 
its the last few days to vote in the company blogger awards, so if you could vote for me in 'best use of photography' that would be amazing!

(i have a cold, hence the flarey nostrils)

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