Wednesday, 8 May 2013

when i need you make everything stop

last night me and my favourite hampton of the south gals went for a little ellen/livs birthday/bye bye pontin (the fringy one) dinner at bella italia. 
pontin is leaving us for the big wide world of work for a year and it won't be the same without her borat voices, inappropriate dancing and comments and general lusting over everyone else's dinner, but i'm so proud of her for being such a clever little sausage!
after craving a burger for what feels like forever and sharing a hugggeeeee sundae with pryme i pretty much rolled how but it was still lovely and light outside so the walk home was pretty as the parks round here are lush apart from when you're being harassed by tramps but thats another story for another day.
also don't clazones look a little bit like big leaky pastries, just (not the nicest of descriptions i know)
jacket: ebay (i know i don't even have to tell you that now)
top and bangle: primark
jeans: topshop
loafers: clarks
bag: cambridge satchel company

my topshop jean collection has doubled (as in now i own two pairs instead of one) i decided after going into toppers westfield to get a bikini (which isn't in two of their stores, sort it out yeah toppers) that i would bite the bullet and get some joni's, i tired them on and it was luuuurve, i'm also enjoying being able to control how much ankle i show (ohh such a victorian minx in my jamies flashing my ankles all over the show)
i'm sure you've seen this top in primarni and if you have tried it on found the bloody odd the fitting is, i got a twelve as the eight was incredibly low and baggy on the boobs but tight under the arms, i mean really how will that ever fit anyone i'm not even that blessed in the boob dept. so being the little crafter i am i got a bigger one and shortened the straps...not really a hard task but you know points for being efficient and stuff...
i did still accidentally flashed a few people because it was windy but i'm sure nobody was scarred for life (at least i hope not...apologies if you were..)
anyway to sum up primark sort your fitting out because its drunk and need to go home. topshop snaps to you for making wonderful jeans but please sort your bikini stocks out in stores, i mean i expected it of so'ton but westfield really could up their game on that.
right ramble over
liv over and out....that was a bit lame...i'll just stick to what i know..
love livvy
p.s. anyone interested in fashion who lives in the southampton area might want to check out southampton fashion week, sadly i won't be able to go as i will be at home celebrating my birthday but it does look rather good!

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  1. Love the leather jacket and loafers! Your blog is lovely, would you mind taking a look at mine? I'm quite new to blogging xx

  2. Seems like you had a wonderful meal! Your outfit is so lovely, and that tee is such a gorgeous colour! xxx

  3. I love this outfit! Looks like so much fun:-) xoxo


  4. beautiful! you look great. :) And the meal looks fantastic, I hope it was an enjoyable birthday/good-bye celebration. :)

  5. Lovely outfit you look really pretty x

  6. very cute outfit! do u have a link to ebay jacket? it's fab!
    new follower :)

  7. I find Primark stuff in general really weird fitting, I always end up with a basket full of clothes ranging from an 8 to a 14! xx

  8. Great Posts ,
    You simply rock in this outfit and the loafers are complementing the outfit as well.

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