Thursday, 27 June 2013

do you ever get the feeling that you can’t shift the tide.


who says essex isn't beautiful! | blondicle | my grandparents tiny orchard


percy and his pals, mr cola cow is my fave | sandal weather | workinnnn clothes


someone parked my dream car outside my house, torture | moomin mug | aunty jen lasagne and her beautiful plate collection


sunsets | i take too many pictures of tea | off to see jay bird


tough gal boots | breakfast | rare coffee day


squirrel?! | attempting to be a girl | doing lunch right


beautiful gifts from lisette | glasses day | fam' trip to the theatre


having a blue eye day | the best mix | being mama's garden centre bitch

just a few pictures from life of late, its been mainly dog walking, working and dressing up like an olive (see more of that here

my giveaway with the little deer ends soon, however they have given you lovely lot a cheeky little discount code because they like you all so much, to receive 10% use TEATOAST at the checkout (you can use it on annnnnything)
if you haven't entered yet (and why haven't you) you can do so here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

love livvy
p.s crazy gel of everyone going to glastonbury, have fun!
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

i brought you daffodils in a pretty string.


dress: asos
hat: ebay
olive shell: mine and papa newmans skilzzzz

last night i had my birthday party, admittedly my birthday was a month ago...
i think it was one of the best parties i've had and i've had quite a few (all fancy dress)
i'm now feeling the number of malibu and cokes (i don't know how many) i think i will be getting straight into my bed and cocooning after mama j's roast 
my friends never fail to amaze me at their costumes, allot of cardboard was used this time which made it difficult to get through doorways and such.
i guest posted over a sophies blog this week so take a cheeky peak

hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
love livvy
p.s. thank you all so much for all your lovely comments about my recent outfit posts

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

i got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone.

maxi dress: crew clothing
ape arms: bloggers own

da da da daaaaaa da today i have for you a 'ways to wear' 
this bad boy is one of my main pieces of work uniform, its so soft and comfy to wear so i wanted to show you the different ways i like to wear it...obviously...

jumper: crew clothing
belt: ebay
shoes: new look

*dramatic film voice* 
number one
the jumper
this jumper was uniform from a few seasons ago, i'd never really thought to wear a jumper over a maxi dress but after seeing a few lovely bloggers doing it i thought i would give it a bash!

jacket: ebay
belt: gift
converse: ebay

number two
making a midi aaaaaaaaat of it
ways to make a dress different, make it a different length! (i know i'm a genius) still not a hundred percent to the whole midi malarkey as i think it makes my legs look a bit stumpy but it doesn't make it easier for me to move around (one person dance party in my garden proved this) 

cardi: zara
necklace: handpicked and gorgeous 
shoes: river island

number three
jingly jingly 
this is my favourite way to wear the dress, and i like the noise the necklace makes....yup jingly jingly
i think my love for cream knitwear and stripes is getting out hand but you know they just look so nice togetheerrrr...... 
whilst taking these blondie was trying to photo bomb ALL of them, which resulted in many beautiful faces..naaaaaaat!
today i had lovely day off just drinking tea and wandering into town,  after staying at work late yesterday to sort out the sale that went live today.

tonight will consist of more chain watching the tudors and having a cheeky red wine
love livvy
p.s you can still enter my giveaway for a pretty 

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*this dress was purchased with my uniform allowance* 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

what do they make dreams for.

playsuit: very*
belt: gift
converse: ebay

as you all know by now i am a big fan of a polka dot, like a big big fan (almost a fan girl...) 
the story of this coming into my possession is a lonnnng one, its in this video
the weather was bloody weird today, nice and warm (warm enough to get my milk bottle legs out) but not sunny, what arrreeee this?!
i have a version of this playsuit in a beachy pattern as i couldn't decided between the two and i was having a 'such fun' miranda type moment, those happen allot...
big fan of the sleeve length on this playsuit , however in the legs there is a bit of bum cheek flashing when i bend over...
in-between working i have been trying to fathom how to make my olive costume for my belated birthday party this weekend, i think it be some sort of sandwich board affair rather than this (i wish though) pictures of me looking like a fool will follow i'm sure
love livvy
p.s. don't forget to enter my giveaway with the little deer!

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

all i ever had.

so whats this exciting business i have for you today, thats right its a giveaway!
the little deer (who launched a snazzy new website this week) are giving one of you beauties this silver hamsa palm necklace
all very exciting i know,  especially as its actually my first giveaway for you lovely lot.
now you can enter via the rafflecopter link below (very snazzy), it will end in two weeks just incase any of you are on your holibobs and don't want to miss out.
also this is an international give-aways everyone can join in.
now i was having a little snoop on their website and thought i would share with you some of my favourite things...

necklace ♥ swimming costume  sunglasses

a Rafflecopter giveaway

good luck!
love livvy

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Friday, 14 June 2013

flying too close to the moon.

jacket and boots: ebay
dress: topshop
necklace: handpicked and gorgeous
bag: cambridge satchel company

kinda rocking a moon/potato face here, good ol' round face life.
this is the first outing of my tough guy boots since paris as its turned a bit chillier (as per)
this is what i wore wednesday as i've been working a fair bit this week, working in retail sometimes leaves me at despair for the general public but then have to remind myself that its only a select few and most of my customers are lovely. 
i am a big fan of this dress, admittedly i wouldn't buy it for twenty six pounds (its full price) but reduced i was all over it like a wet flannel. 
i have recently been loving game of thrones (late to the party i know, i know) and the tudors (his eyes ohhhh) 
outfit posts have been a bit sparse as i've been saving for my holibobs and rent, being a grown up is super fun naaaaat. 
love livvy
p.s. don't forget that gfc is leaving us, but its okay because i've been having an affair with bloglovin', so come join the party over there

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

let my perfume, soak into your sweater.

favourite shoes | tea time | moon face

out and about with my boy | i pretty much live in this outfit | pretty wall in hackney wick

cocktails at the company blog awards | shot for my mama | pasha and i at the awards

spitalfields looking magical at night | never to old for moustache straws | all my stuff to lug home

rediscovered my love for moccasins | beer after a busy day at work because of this | blondie

saffron walden being pretty | the best place (my bed) | fridays face for dinner with posh granny

tea and cake | vanilla sponge with apricot jam | walks with jay bird

being ignored for snooker | beautiful house in sawbridgworth | fruity tea fun

just a little sneak peek into my life at the moment, as you can see i have been loving instagram going from a rubbish blackberry camera to an iPhone is rather nice! 
so now i have instagram you can follow me here, if you fancy!
last week i ran a 10k with papa newman (one hour and twelve minutes awww yeaaaa) and i have only just recovered, i escaped with only one hurt toe! 
so happy the sunshine has returned, its making me excited for my holiday!
love livvy
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