Thursday, 20 June 2013

i got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone.

maxi dress: crew clothing
ape arms: bloggers own

da da da daaaaaa da today i have for you a 'ways to wear' 
this bad boy is one of my main pieces of work uniform, its so soft and comfy to wear so i wanted to show you the different ways i like to wear it...obviously...

jumper: crew clothing
belt: ebay
shoes: new look

*dramatic film voice* 
number one
the jumper
this jumper was uniform from a few seasons ago, i'd never really thought to wear a jumper over a maxi dress but after seeing a few lovely bloggers doing it i thought i would give it a bash!

jacket: ebay
belt: gift
converse: ebay

number two
making a midi aaaaaaaaat of it
ways to make a dress different, make it a different length! (i know i'm a genius) still not a hundred percent to the whole midi malarkey as i think it makes my legs look a bit stumpy but it doesn't make it easier for me to move around (one person dance party in my garden proved this) 

cardi: zara
necklace: handpicked and gorgeous 
shoes: river island

number three
jingly jingly 
this is my favourite way to wear the dress, and i like the noise the necklace makes....yup jingly jingly
i think my love for cream knitwear and stripes is getting out hand but you know they just look so nice togetheerrrr...... 
whilst taking these blondie was trying to photo bomb ALL of them, which resulted in many beautiful faces..naaaaaaat!
today i had lovely day off just drinking tea and wandering into town,  after staying at work late yesterday to sort out the sale that went live today.

tonight will consist of more chain watching the tudors and having a cheeky red wine
love livvy
p.s you can still enter my giveaway for a pretty 

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*this dress was purchased with my uniform allowance* 


  1. Love this post, all the outfits are so cute and show how one thing can be worn a number of different ways. I've also never thought of teaming a jumper over a maxi, though it seems so obvious now?! Will definitely be giving it a go, you might see it in an OOTD post soon ;)

    Claire xx - would love for you have a little look!

  2. Its such a lovely dress by itself but I love the different ways you styled it especially the leather jacket look x

  3. Ooh I love this! It really suits you in every style :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  4. Lovely look and really suits you in every style :) the leather jacket loos great! x

  5. That dress is so lovely, and all the ways you wear it are awesome! I love it with the jumper over the top! xxx

  6. Love the different ways to wear it, I love jumpers over any sort of dresses x

  7. You look amazing! Love the way you've styled these, especially the jumper look! Can never go wrong with cream knitwear! <3


  8. This dress looks so cosy. It looks so good with the jumper, and the leather jacket :) x

  9. This dress is lovely, so versatile! And I absolutely need a cardigan like that Zara one it looks so comfy!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

  10. Ohh! I love the third way you wear it. The jacket is killer over that dress! You're adorable!! :)
    xo Heather

  11. looove the dress and the ways you wear it :D

  12. That dress is lovely, I love the ways you styled it!



  13. Love your outfits - especially the second one! Great post! :)

  14. Especially love the first and second looks - so cute :) x

  15. So pretty love the way you've styled up different looks! x

  16. love the dress, think the second is my favourite :) you're sooooo pretty! xx

  17. That dress looks so so lovely on you! Beth x


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