Wednesday, 31 July 2013

every day i look at the world from my window.

saima majid ootd
dress : new look
scarf : saima majid*
necklace : accessorize
ring : ebay
sandals and sunglasses : primark 
goofy smile : bloggers own

i won't lie, i pretty much lived this dress on holiday, but we all know how partial i am to a bit of grey marl jersey...i can't wait to pair it up with some boots and my leather jacket in the colder months.
i was sent this beautiful scarf the other day by saima majid, its like the grey marl things, once i get something new something it doesn't leave my body for a good few days, and this was case and point
polka dots and flowers, my two favourite things combined in a scarf, ding ding ding we have a winner!
although they were all so pretty had a hard time trying to choose one and got aunty jen in on the act to help me!

saima majid ootd

it also works as a handy little blanket....
if you're after one of these bad boys i have a handy discount code for you! 
for ten percent off (on full price items) use SMSS13 at the checkout

saima majid ootd

love livvy

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Monday, 29 July 2013

you light the spark in my bonfire heart.




at the weekend jay's beautiful cousin dhanisha had her engagement ceremony, and i wore my first sari!
apart from tripping up several times (alright ten times) it was pretty comfy to wear for most of the day, i had such a hard time choosing one as they're all so beautiful, my magpie senses were tingling
however this blue number instantly caught my eye (i know i know i already own so much blue but you know stick with what you know sometimes)



the event was at the palace at hatfield house, it was absolutely beautiful (although the old stairs and not being skilled at walking in a sari did lead to a few 'life flashing before my eyes moment') 
we went for a wander round the beautiful grounds in-between food and dancing (bad dancing in my case, espesh' as jays rather good at it)
we managed to snap some pictures for the parents to frame and some of us being really mature with the nakey statues....more on that another time..

sari : shop in green street
bag : borrowed from mama k/ oasis
necklace : ruby room
sandal : primark (the blingiest thing i own)


and yes i did pretend i was princess jasmine for a little bit, i mean who wouldn't....
love livvy

p.s. i also took some cheeky iPhone snaps


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Friday, 26 July 2013

nobody's holding you back from me.

aero bubble 1

well i have something a little different for you today!
the lovely team at aero contacted me and asked if i wanted to be part of the 'aero bubble hopper challenge' 
chocolate and acting my mental age of five in a bubble hopper, i of course said hellzzz yeaaaah (well i said yes please but you know)
papa newman and i decided to take it on an adventure round our village (mainly fields, i have a talent for accidentally popping things so we thought that would be safest...)
blondie had a face of 'what you doing guurrrrrl' pretty much the whole time!

aero bubble 2

'such fun'
i had a miranda moment when i fell off the hopper....i know, i'm so elegant...

aero bubble 3

'captain liv of the bubble hopper!'

aero bubble 4

as i started to get more mature with my poses papa newman decided he wanted to get in on the action!

aero bubble 5

'bouncy bouncy ohhhh such a good time' 

aero bubble 6

aero sent me these yummy bits, and now its a chance for you to get in on the action!
comment on this post and tell me how you would use the aero bubble hopper, be as imaginative and creative as possible! 
you can win your own bubble hopper kit and ten bags of aero bubbles peppermint
the winners will be contacted on the twelfth of august 
i can't wait to read your entries! 

aero bubble 7

love livvy

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Monday, 22 July 2013

as soon as i wake up every night, every day.


basically you're going to need some sort of cocktail or perhaps a hot beverage (said beveraaagggeeee) to sit through this lot, i lack any sort of decision making skills when it comes to photos (once they're the ones that i like and have edited, i'm pretty though when it comes to the first part!) 
soooo for those who haven't caught up with my life and stuff (where have you been!)...joking but i have been banging on about it, jay and i went to tenerife last week for some sun (too much sun according to my knees, who just burns their knees?!)
our hotel was pretty swish, apart from the fact they gave us two single beds pushed together instead of a double and the choice of sheet pattern was very questionable however we had a lovely balcony that we spent many an afternoon on and all the staff were really helpful!
i did also enjoy pretending to be olivia khatri for the week...









our hotel had steps down onto the beach and the path that stretched along a massive bit of the island, each bit had a cove of beach that we stopped of at (jay looked at the rocks obvz, you can take the boy out of a geology degree but you can't take the geology degree out of the boy!)
in one of our favourite parts there were tiny rock pools that had tropical fish and crabs in, jay also rescued a fish from a shrinking rock pool, rock boy saves that day!



our hotel offered a shuttle bus to the nearby cites, so we had a little day trip to los cristianos where the beaches had white sand (all the beaches in tenerife apart from two have black sand, fun fact for you there eh) although the white sand is just as hot, cue burnt soles as well as burnt knees.
as well as a subway...i know i know but I'm a sucker for a toasted sandwich okay...we had some amzinnggg ice cream, i was torn between oreo and ferrero rocher (rocher won, it was divine)






on the wednesday it was jay birds birthday! it was mainly lounging by the pool and having lots of rum and cokes (god bless all inclusive) 
when we got up to our room we found a lovely letter and bottle of fizz from the hotel, i took jay for a mexican (i ate it too fast to take a picture) we also had some lush mango margaritas, heading home pretty giggly we finished off the rest of the cava, chatted late into the night on our balcony and woke up just in time for breakfast!






on our last day we wanted to walk along our favourite bit of the coast (also that we had checked out and needed to distract ourselves from the fact that we wanted to go swimming)
i still can't over how blue the ocean was! (i've never really been anywhere tropical) 
i wish england was this beautiful and serene, i mean essex it beautiful but not really serene (the joys of living near an airport)  











after a long journey back, we finally fell into jays bed at two thirty am and already wished we were back!

love livvy

holiday songs
arctic monkeys : do i wanna know
robin thick : blurred lines 
bombay bicycle club : always like this

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Saturday, 20 July 2013

i take a deep breath every time i pass your door.

dress : new look
sunglasses and sandals : primark
belt : ebay
bracelets : shop in tenerife
bag : cambridge satchel company

aloha amigos!
apologies for the little bit of absence as well as being away i just waste feeling blogging and i think blogging wasn't feeling me, my page views and comments are in free fall but i you get out what you put in so i promise to put more in, in future. 
these sandals are my favourite thing at the moment, they're on my feet everyday (wish i'd got two pairs as they were reduced to three pounds!)
i've relished one night back in my bed before heading off to aunty jens as i have work all weekend (not that my bed here isn't good but you all know i have an unnatural love for my bed)
this lacey number is one i always forget how much a like until i wear it again, i wore it last summer on a family day out.
i have a separate post lined up for you with all my other holiday pictures in an attempt to be more organised...(just lazy really...) 
if you can't last that long you can catch up on my adventures to france and poland last year!

love livvy
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