Friday, 26 July 2013

nobody's holding you back from me.

aero bubble 1

well i have something a little different for you today!
the lovely team at aero contacted me and asked if i wanted to be part of the 'aero bubble hopper challenge' 
chocolate and acting my mental age of five in a bubble hopper, i of course said hellzzz yeaaaah (well i said yes please but you know)
papa newman and i decided to take it on an adventure round our village (mainly fields, i have a talent for accidentally popping things so we thought that would be safest...)
blondie had a face of 'what you doing guurrrrrl' pretty much the whole time!

aero bubble 2

'such fun'
i had a miranda moment when i fell off the hopper....i know, i'm so elegant...

aero bubble 3

'captain liv of the bubble hopper!'

aero bubble 4

as i started to get more mature with my poses papa newman decided he wanted to get in on the action!

aero bubble 5

'bouncy bouncy ohhhh such a good time' 

aero bubble 6

aero sent me these yummy bits, and now its a chance for you to get in on the action!
comment on this post and tell me how you would use the aero bubble hopper, be as imaginative and creative as possible! 
you can win your own bubble hopper kit and ten bags of aero bubbles peppermint
the winners will be contacted on the twelfth of august 
i can't wait to read your entries! 

aero bubble 7

love livvy

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  1. I'd use the aero bubber hopper to get to school, and I'd lend it to my best friend for her paper round! (It'd make it a lot more fun aha!;) ) xoxoxox

  2. We have a trampoline at our uni house, I'd use it as extra bounce on top - it always maens for good fun and stories! Don't worry, we're not very good at cutting the grass so the surrounding ground is extra bumpy, meaning no accidents! xx

  3. I plan on getting involved in some fundraising activities at Uni this year. I think the aero bubble hopper and I would get along well venturing around Campus; up and down the ramps and lifts; possibly even sit on it in lectures (they'd let me for charity right?).
    It would also be a great bit of furniture for the living space - need an extra chair!

    Looks like you had fun! My dog would also be baffled by such a creation! xx

  4. Ahaa this is so cute! I haven't been on one of those in years :(

    Francesca xo

  5. I would firstly attempt to bounce down the rather steep field behind our house. My younger brother would most probably then decide that he should adopt it and keep it as a pet :') It would be well loved!! xx

  6. I'd use the space hopper to get to work! It's eco friendly, great exercise and so much fun! And let's face it, I would look totally cool! Then getting into work, i'd have some trouble hiding it away but it would be worth it! ;)
    Ashleigh x

  7. an aero bubble space hopper! i loved them things they were so much fun. surely quite a good cardio exercise as well? your dads so cute bless him! i'd never get my dad doing that! your dog is gorgeous


  8. Aw that looks like so much fun!

    Julia x

  9. Hi nice blog, and cool pictures! Your dog is very cute :) I LOVE DOGS! Can you follow my blog too?

    Visit, comment and share please :)

    Visit here my little blog :)

    Have a nice week,

    Post Scriptum: You may need to translate :X

  10. I'd use the bubble hopper for my paper round - even though it may take a little longer than my usual power walking, it'd be a lot more fun!

    p.s your dad is so cute!

  11. I would take the bubble hopper on a night out, it could sit deflated in my bag all night until I was ready to walk home then I could whip off my heels, blow up the bubble hopper and just bubble hop all the way home :) Brings yours too and we will bubble hop together :D

  12. I would take the bubble hopper on the tube. Obviously not on rush hour, wouldn't want to get any dirty looks from the businessy people. I'd then take it somewhere on a long stretch of road, with a lot of people about! Preferably somewhere like Mile End, or maybe Brick lane, i'm sure the vintage crowd would enjoy the hopper!
    Such a cool idea of Aero, enjoy the chocolate!

    Imogen <3

  13. I would take the bubble hopper to a festival! It would be so fun hopping along to Mumford and Sons, Haim or Vampire Weekend (my favourite bands), I'm quite short so I could bounce on it to get a better view ;) xx
    twitter - @TheLondoNerd

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  15. my email is btw xx

  16. Sorry, I accidentally posted my entry twice - it told me the first one didn't go through! My bad... Feel free to delete my last two comments (three including this one lol) xx

  17. You're so sweet! Great outfit, reminds me of Paris and extremely well-dressed girls there. Your blog is very pretty. Following you from now :)


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