Friday, 2 August 2013

breeze through crackling leaves like a daytime campfire burning.

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first (not very pretty) attempt at american pancakes | its summer i should not be in a jumper and jacket | being sneaky

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working with the lovely and very talented natasha on a  little project 

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my village is cute | good hair day | purchases for holiday

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testing out my instax with my eyebrow gang | blawwginnn | mama got my flowers

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beautiful sky flying home | tenerife | rock boy

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alcoholic ginger beer | four am storm | goodies from aero 

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going riding | reg being a babe | D and C's engagement 

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 D and C's engagement | super cute gift robbie got from canada for me

hello chums!
(if you didn't read that in a miranda voice then i'm thoroughly disappointed in you)
firstly thank you for all your lovely comments lately, you got me out my blogging slump i feel right back in track, so give yourself a hug (or the person next to you) and pretend it was from me!
just a little glimpse of my life (even though allot of it has been sitting in my pj's and glasses watching jonathan creek, will she ever get a life i hear you cry!)
i instagrammed some pictures of me working on a project with natasha (who shot this video) for a brand that uses the term 'get the london look' quite allot....i'll leave you with that but i hope i can show you guys something soon
the last month or so has been quite family orientated with mine and jay's having quite a few parties (mama j said no more parities after we had three in one month at our house)
tonight i'm off to see my best gal pals for drinks (well i'm driving so diet coke for me..)
hope you all have a lovely weekend!

love livvy

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  1. Ooh lovely pictures. Crabbie's ginger beer is definitely my favourite drink lately, I LOVE the raspberry one too!

  2. Looks like you've been having a great time recently! So many lovely pictures! xxx

  3. Love the photos, that project looks so exciting! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. Such pretty pictures! I love the look of your holiday buys, especially the sandals! xo

  5. I love the outfit with the gold (?) skirt.. But bare-feet? :)

  6. Beaut photos. Your 'little project' looks fab. x

  7. amazing pictures, are those taken from your iphone?


    1. yes they're all taken on my iPhone :) xxx

  8. I would love to see more of this little project, you look incredibly beautiful on this sneak peek !
    AND I would love to try this Essex honey.
    All these pictures are lovely!

  9. Amazing photos! You and Jay are the cutest :)


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