Tuesday, 29 October 2013

my days end best when this sunset gets itself.

jacket : ebay
jumper : asos
skirt : urban outfitters
boots : cloggs.com
bag : cambridge satchel company

s'cuse the suitcases under my eyes, i have a new street light right outside my bedroom which is about twenty times brighter than the one before (that kept me awake anyway) mixed with very loud road drilling at eight twenty this morning makes me sleepy one!
i realised the other day i only own two short skirts, two! so this little french horn/foxy number made its way swiftly into my wardrobe after spying it in the UO sale.
it also got to the time where it was kind essential to own a flat pair of brown chelsea boots, flat because one; i walk everywhere and I'm not lady like to wear heels everyday and two brown goes with everything...plus...i do like a chelsea boot

we managed to survive the storm unscathed, our roof tiles rattled a little, but nothing dramatic.
hope everyone stayed safe!

love livvy

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

just hold on we're going home.

ootd 4
ootd 2

jacket and loafers: ebay
dress : new look

i wasn't so sure of this dress when i got it, but now i loves it.
i wore it out the other night and i though i would crack it out to brighten up a foggy wednesday.

its fair to say we're well into the autumnal season now and dare i say it i'm getting excited for christmas (only because we were talking about it at the weekend...) 
i love getting cosy in my room with candles and a cuppa (cool kid i know) or walking on foggy mornings tucked up in a big coat!
plus autumn means jumpers, we all know my bad habit for jumpers...

love livvy

this babe took the pictures today because she is a lovely chum

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

stay this way.

haul 5
cardigan | primark | twelve pounds
haul 6
jumper | primark | eight pounds   hat | H&M | seven ninety nine
haul 1
heels | matalan | fifteen pounds*   mascara | nine pounds   nail varnish | three ninety nine
haul 3
primer | five pounds fifty   lashes | five pounds fifty   foundation | six pounds ninety nine 
haul 4
shift dress | new look | seventeen pounds   skater dress | primark | eight pounds
haul 7
converse | forty pounds

with getting paid and my student loan i got a bit carried away...the converse were an investment as i have worn them everyday since i got them (which is why they look a bit scuffed)
had a matalan voucher to spend as  they were lovely and included a twenty pound voucher in our goody bags from the event!
to be fair i can't walk very well in the heels but they look puuurrddyyy, i wore them with the printed shift dress the other night and it was a very enjoyable combination.

jay came down for the weekend and we ate allot...a turtle bay (and a few too many cocktails) TWO tootis (which is a gelato bar) i take no responsibility for this..
and i made a pie aannddd it was a success! it even had pie written on it in the left over pastry!

love livvy
p.s. here is our excited for pudding faces...

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Friday, 11 October 2013

you got me so wild.

priamrk ootd 2
ootd 2
primark ootd
ootd 1
jacket and boots : ebay
dress and bag : primark
rings : topshop
bloggers stupid pose : a norm 

say hello to my new favourite dress! i wore this for the first time the other day and i got so many compliments on it, everyone was shocked that it was from primark!
it is a bit tricky to get in and out of and a tad tight on the should/boob area (my housemates now like to make fat shoulder jokes)
however it makes up for this by being nice to twirl in, everyone got a show of this!
not sure why my hair looks so blonde all over in these photos, i can guarantee its not, however it is a fluffy as it looks..
my bag is a right gem, i can pretty much fit a small child in there (i think, i haven't actually tried) so far i have fitted; my mac, camera, all chargers, a pair of boots, hair dryer, make up bag, purse, umbrella, phone and keys WITH ROOM. i have designated it to be my library books bag. 
its got SO cold in hampton of the south, the wind here is vicious, this means if i make any effort with my hair it is wasted as soon as it leave the house, i pretend i look like like a l'orel advert but really i look like i have an impressively hairy face...good look i know!

love livvy

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

always keep your heart locked tight, don't let your mind retire.

bagable ootd
bagable ootd
jacket : ebay
dress and boots : new look
neckalce : primark

forever keeping it classy in the ally behind my house, i kept trying to stand infront of the fallen over wheelie bin..
bagable kindly sent me this lovely nica bag, you can fit a TON of stuff in it plus the lining is so so pretty!
not much to report on apart from i'm busy researching my diss subject, so my arms have been getting a work out carrying all the chunky photography books home, but its so nice to actually be looking and writing about photographs/photography and getting excited about shooting again, it feels like so long.

love livvy

p.s. a haul post may or may not be appearing soon...

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

been around the world, don't speak the language.

matalan movie club
matalan movie club
matalan movie club
matalan movie club 1
matalan movie club
matalan movie club
matalan movie club
matalan movie club

 last week i received an invite to an event that i was like 'errmaaagaaad yes please!'
i was invited by matalan to a private screening of woody allens film 'midnight in paris' at the bvlgari hotel in knightsbridge (accidentally gave myself a small tour of knightsbridge due to my appalling sense of direction even with google maps, it was a one minute walk..the shame..)
 the food. oh the food, it was deeevviinneeee, i am easily swayed by mini burgers and macaroons, add in those chocolate things on the spoon and i was in heaven, and a cheeky glass of fizz (or two...or three..) 
i had a lovely chat with cailin, becca, sophie and laura before the screening, and i chatted to rhea on the train home!
as well as chatting we looked at some of matalan's new products, i am very tempted by a fluffy jumper it was so so soft! 
thinking about it, i don't think i've ever been in a five star hotel until this event, a woman walked me to the lift and pressed the button for me...anyway enough of that here is what i wore 
i did regret the jumper, i was one warm wendy all day my face did feel like it matched my jumper for most of the day...

matalan movie club 2
matalan movie club
matalan movie club 3
jumper, necklace and bag : primark
jeans and rings : topshop
boots : new look

love livvy

this little guy dropped in to get in on the action...

matalan movie club

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Friday, 4 October 2013

lose yourself to dance.

today i thought i would do something a little different to my usual instagram update, as sometimes i like to mix it up round here (sometimes, don't worry i won't go all miley on you)
annyywaayyyy today i wanted to just share a list of things that make me happy and some pictures that i've been snapping on my ol' mobile device lately, nothing crazy eh. 

1. returning to the dip dye gang, thus having good hair days again (which is aided by buying a blow-dry brush!)
2. baking, i won't get to do it so much now i'm back in so'ton but that makes it even more of a treat.
3. deciding on my dissertation subject, now i've just got to write the bugger (and research the hell outta it!)
4. roast dinners, one of my favourite things in life.
5. dinner and movie dates with jay, an oldie but a goodie.
6. having time to make egg and soldiers before uni.
7. it getting a bit chillier and thus being acceptable to crack out the knitwear, awwyyeaa.
8. my new converse which i have not taken of since purchasing them!
9. ikea dates with liss and being reunited with the 82 ladies.
10. doing incredibly bad dancing with my house mates (well their good, i'm not) all with the aid of vodka, no judging i'm a student...

happy list 1 happy list 2
happy list 3 happy list 4 happy list 5 happy list 6 happy list 7 happy list 8 happy list 14 happy list 9 happy list 11 happy list 12 happy list 13happy list

whats been making you happy lately?

love livvy


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