Friday, 4 October 2013

lose yourself to dance.

today i thought i would do something a little different to my usual instagram update, as sometimes i like to mix it up round here (sometimes, don't worry i won't go all miley on you)
annyywaayyyy today i wanted to just share a list of things that make me happy and some pictures that i've been snapping on my ol' mobile device lately, nothing crazy eh. 

1. returning to the dip dye gang, thus having good hair days again (which is aided by buying a blow-dry brush!)
2. baking, i won't get to do it so much now i'm back in so'ton but that makes it even more of a treat.
3. deciding on my dissertation subject, now i've just got to write the bugger (and research the hell outta it!)
4. roast dinners, one of my favourite things in life.
5. dinner and movie dates with jay, an oldie but a goodie.
6. having time to make egg and soldiers before uni.
7. it getting a bit chillier and thus being acceptable to crack out the knitwear, awwyyeaa.
8. my new converse which i have not taken of since purchasing them!
9. ikea dates with liss and being reunited with the 82 ladies.
10. doing incredibly bad dancing with my house mates (well their good, i'm not) all with the aid of vodka, no judging i'm a student...

happy list 1 happy list 2
happy list 3 happy list 4 happy list 5 happy list 6 happy list 7 happy list 8 happy list 14 happy list 9 happy list 11 happy list 12 happy list 13happy list

whats been making you happy lately?

love livvy


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  1. Knitwear is definitely an autumn favourite. Nothing like wearing pretty dresses with tights and boots and a lovely snuggly cardigan!

    Bella . BELLAETC

  2. Ah well in a similar way I'm very happy that's summer's on the way over here - get to wear all those summer dresses!
    tv, turmeric, tea

  3. Love this catch up! And I so agree - dippy eggs just make life okay!!
    Ali xxx

  4. So cute! And your Miley comment made me smile :)

    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  5. Oh gosh, dissertation time brings back bad memories of last year! There was about two months towards the end of the year when that was all I could think about, major brain ache! Good luck with yours and glad you're feeling positive in general :D xx

  6. Adorable pictures!


  7. Love your mug, so cute! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  8. Pretty pictures of pretty moments, Livvy! x


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