Tuesday, 15 October 2013

stay this way.

haul 5
cardigan | primark | twelve pounds
haul 6
jumper | primark | eight pounds   hat | H&M | seven ninety nine
haul 1
heels | matalan | fifteen pounds*   mascara | nine pounds   nail varnish | three ninety nine
haul 3
primer | five pounds fifty   lashes | five pounds fifty   foundation | six pounds ninety nine 
haul 4
shift dress | new look | seventeen pounds   skater dress | primark | eight pounds
haul 7
converse | forty pounds

with getting paid and my student loan i got a bit carried away...the converse were an investment as i have worn them everyday since i got them (which is why they look a bit scuffed)
had a matalan voucher to spend as  they were lovely and included a twenty pound voucher in our goody bags from the event!
to be fair i can't walk very well in the heels but they look puuurrddyyy, i wore them with the printed shift dress the other night and it was a very enjoyable combination.

jay came down for the weekend and we ate allot...a turtle bay (and a few too many cocktails) TWO tootis (which is a gelato bar) i take no responsibility for this..
and i made a pie aannddd it was a success! it even had pie written on it in the left over pastry!

love livvy
p.s. here is our excited for pudding faces...

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  1. I love the bobble hat and the patterned dresses. So cute!


  2. Lovely haul! :)

    Charlotte x


  3. Love the converse, I really want a pair now! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. I got a bit over excited when my loan came in too, feels so much like free money in your account! The dresses are so pretty and I feel like I need to invest in some new trainers as mine are about to fall apart, very tempted with some converse! :) xx
    kooky capricious 

  5. such a lovely things you have here!!!! xx

  6. how do you find such nice stuff in primark?! i spent ages looking for nice knitwear and couldn't find any that felt like good enough quality :( love the dresses too!
    tanya xo

  7. that jumper needs to be in my wardrobe, too bad i'm on an october spending ban. *sad face* lovely haul though, primark have done very well this season!
    paige - milkyte4.blogspot.co.uk

  8. you are so cute! these primark purchases are amazing! your posts are the highlight of my dashboard lovely livvy x x x

  9. You got such lovely items! The Primark jumper is gorgeous - love the colour! :)

  10. That Primark jumper is absolutely gorgeous! So pretty :) xxx

  11. Love the jumper and the hat! I need to go to primark.. :)


  12. That primark jumper is lovely! The last photo is so cute

    Julia x

  13. might have to get my hands on the Primark jumper! mm those desserts look fab x

  14. Ooooh I love everything!

    Xo, Hannah


  15. So many lovely purchases! All the things from Primark look gorgeous, I need to go and have a rummage because I can never find anything good in that shop but always see wonderful things on people's blogs! I'm loving Matalan lately, I'd never shopped there before but recently invested in a tartan cape and now I can't get enough of browsing their site haha xx


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