Friday, 11 October 2013

you got me so wild.

priamrk ootd 2
ootd 2
primark ootd
ootd 1
jacket and boots : ebay
dress and bag : primark
rings : topshop
bloggers stupid pose : a norm 

say hello to my new favourite dress! i wore this for the first time the other day and i got so many compliments on it, everyone was shocked that it was from primark!
it is a bit tricky to get in and out of and a tad tight on the should/boob area (my housemates now like to make fat shoulder jokes)
however it makes up for this by being nice to twirl in, everyone got a show of this!
not sure why my hair looks so blonde all over in these photos, i can guarantee its not, however it is a fluffy as it looks..
my bag is a right gem, i can pretty much fit a small child in there (i think, i haven't actually tried) so far i have fitted; my mac, camera, all chargers, a pair of boots, hair dryer, make up bag, purse, umbrella, phone and keys WITH ROOM. i have designated it to be my library books bag. 
its got SO cold in hampton of the south, the wind here is vicious, this means if i make any effort with my hair it is wasted as soon as it leave the house, i pretend i look like like a l'orel advert but really i look like i have an impressively hairy face...good look i know!

love livvy

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  1. I love your dress! Great styling :) x

  2. hahah, 'impressively hairy face' oh livvy.

  3. seen this dress a few times in primark this week and ive been wanting to buy it but ive been working, and now all the sizes have gone haha :( DAMN! you look amazing x

  4. That's such a cute dress, and I love your boots from that little glimpse! Gosh I definitely don't miss how windy it was in Southampz. Topknots were the only way forward!

  5. Love this dress, I've seen it on a couple of blogs recently and it makes me want it more each time! You look lovely :)
    emmerliejay x

  6. Absolutely love this dress and your photos are so lovely :)

  7. I love that dress! You look gorgeous Livvy! x

  8. You look fab. That dress is well worth the wriggle!!!!xxxx

  9. Love the outfit! So nice for a/w before it starts getting freezing cold! x

  10. Have this dress in black and have the same problems. So hard to get out of the first time I tried I thought I was going to have to be cut out, its easier after a few goes though and it is really tight in the boob area. But its a gorgeous dress, I love it and for £8? Bargain. You look gorgeous as always :) xx

  11. Such a pretty dress! You gorgeous thing xx

  12. Love the dress! I have a feeling I'll be hunting it down in Primark tomorrow. You look really pretty xx

  13. This outfit is so so pretty! I can't believe the dress is from Primark, I haven't seen it but if it's anything like the other £8 dresses, they are a bit of an awkward fit around the chest/shoulder area. Despite that however, you look gorgeous :)

    - Bridie
    Oh So Bridie | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  14. Love your rings, they are so pretty! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  15. Beautiful dress! and that bag is perfect for Uni!

    Julia x

  16. Lovely outfit hun! Enjoy your weekend, xoxo.

  17. You always have so pretty dresses Livvy!! Looking lovely x

  18. I love your nail color and this dress is beautiful!

    Xo, Hannah

  19. Beautiful outfit! I'm so glad I found your blog, instant follow :)

    Charlotte x

  20. these photos are amazing! love your dress x
    The Frill Seeker

  21. aww... your blog beyond cute! :)
    followed you :)


  22. Ive been looking for a perfect uni bag for AGES and have got nowhere, but apparently im looking in all the wrong places! I will be taking a visit to my local primark ASAP ;)


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