Friday, 15 November 2013

even this morning, looked outside my door for your letter on the floor.

ootd 3
ottd 2
trench | primark
shirt | ebay
jeans | topshop
bag | cambridge satchel company
loafers | clarks

you can pretty much rely on me to make silly faces when portraits are involved, its only natural i belong behind the camera really!
its still lovely and autumny (but cold) in so'ton and the parks look beautiful, especially when the sun shines but it does make me miss the fields.
this shirt finally arrived yesterday after waiting a month for it, my own fault as it was from ebay/china, but it was worth the wait as i am in lurrrvveeee. admittedly it is a but static so it sticks to me a bit, other than that it is perfect!
also look who actually did their hair today, that will not be a regular thing my friends (i am way too lazy with my hair)
today i went for a mooch round town with jen and met jade for a starbucks, vanilla hot chocolates are new fave! jays coming down for the weekend so i'm sure you'll see any of our adventures via instagram.

hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

love livvy

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  1. love your shirt!

  2. Looking adorable as usual Livvy!
    I wear quite the same style at the moment, but the trench will soon be too light against the cold!

  3. Thee pictures are stunning, and I love that shirt! It's just so pretty! x

  4. Aww I love that shirt :) you look like such a cutie in those top two pictures!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  5. Love the photos, and these shirts are so cute! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  6. Lovely outfit, I love your satchel! ♥

    Charlotte |

  7. Lovely outfit, the photos look great! I can't believe the trench coat is from Primark :)

    Oh Hey Kayspray! xx

  8. You look so lovely! Love your satchel xx

  9. Such cute photos and I love the shirt!

    Julia x

  10. you are so cute! Your hair must just be naturally gorgeous then ;)

  11. You look gorgeous poppet, love the shirt!

    hannah bee


  12. You look so adorable playing in the leaves!

    Xo, Hannah


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