Thursday, 27 February 2014

theres a lot of words to call out.

amber dolley photography
amber dolley photography
amber dolley photography
amber dolley photography
amber dolley photography
amber dolley photography
photographs by amber dolley

i wanted to share with you some pictures the lovely amber took of me the other month. 
as her styling and photography is so pretty i agreed to get my pins out in the rain, in january. i have to say she made me look a hella lot cooler than i really am (point, i'm not cool at all)
i was partially in love with the all pink outfit, not being a pink person with clothes department, but i was sold by the soft jersey dress and nude heels just made me feel a classy but causal, it that a mix like smart casual? lets say it is....
you can look at more of ambers work on her website 

love livvy

p.s. today i got caught in a hailstorm with no umbrella, i do not recommend this to anyone. ever. 

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

can you handle, handle this.

brick lane sunday 5
brick lane sunday 3
brick lane sunday 7
brick lane sunday 1
jacket and scarf | ebay   dress | asos   necklace and sunglasses | primark 
boots | fashion union*   bag | cambridge satchel company    

today there was sun, what is this madness! sorry to be all english and bang on about the weather but good lord it has been foul that last few weeks! as it was sunny jay and i ventured to one of our favourite spots with the intention of getting bagels, we got falafels (and donuts and macrons...naughty in know) but you know theres always another trip for bagels...especially as its only a short bus ride away.

we went in the photo booth in rough trade, lets just say we are not well practised in the art of 'photoboothing' but i think we mastered the last two so it wasn't all bad! 
i love walking along the side streets around spitalfileds and looking up at all the beautiful architecture, made even more so by the sunshine!

i've had one the best weekends i've had in a while, on friday jay took me to browns next to london bridge for valentines dinner which was delicious (we did get a tad lost and very windswept but thats what you get for going outside in england!) plus yesterday i ate more chocolate than i pretty much have ever, i got jay one of those massive thorntons boxes for valentines not knowing he had boxes and boxes of chocolate given to him by his cousin (i'm not complaining...) 

now i'm just watching jay make me a prawn curry (perks of having a half indian an boyfriend!) whilst we are both singing badly along to kisstory!

brick lane sunday 12
brick lane sunday 11
brick lane sunday 2
brick lane sunday 13
brick lane sunday 14
brick lane sunday 10
brick lane sunday 9
brick lane sunday
brick lane sunday 4

hope everyone has had a lovely sunny weekend!

love livvy

p.s. our excellent photobooth skillzzz (i still think its cute though)

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 20.00.42

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

i can't fight this feeling anymore.

ootd inlovewithfashion
ootd inlovewithfashion
ootd inlovewithfashion
ootd inlovewithfashion
dress | inlovewithfashion*   shoes | matalan*
shoes | accessorize   necklace | primark
hummingbird ring | jana reinhardt*   wish ring | indigo bay

i wish it hadn't been so darn windy when i took these pictures as i don't think they do the dress justice, its just so pretty in real life!
i'm planning on wearing this dress when i go out for dinner with jay tomorrow, although i think i'm going to need some sturdier heels for walking about in london, these heels are so pretty but i can only handle a few hours in them and the slow shuffle walk is used...

hope everyone has a lovely valentines day, whatever you're doing and whoever you're with! 
i've always liked celebrating the day even when i was single, because you can show your besties some love (alright i'll stop with the mush)

love livvy

p.s. i also wore it out the other night with these beauties

ootd inlovewithfashion
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Thursday, 6 February 2014

money on my mind.

jacket and bracelet | ebay
shirt | H&M
jeans | topshop
boots | fashion union
watch | olivia burton
fedora | accessorize

this is one of my favourite outfits i have posted for a while, and there is no colour (what are this?!)
i got sent these boots last week from fashion union and i am in love, i've been after a simple pair of black boots for ages and these with their gold detailing are just perfect! and they don't pose as many sock issues as i thought they would...

this week i got back in the studio just to do a test shoot, which you can see a peak on my facebook 
sometimes its nice just to take pretty pictures without pressure and make things you want to, plus the practise always helps!

love livvy

p.s. my new nickname from katie is now indiana jones, apparently the hat makes me uncanny (which is fine cause he is a looker!) 

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

i fell heavy into your arms.

january favourites

i thought as i have been absent for most of january i would share my favourite things from it!

the jamie high waisted jeans from topshop, they are my holy grail of jeans (and should be at forty pounds!)
a beige fedora that makes me look like indiana jones
new slippers from primark (not very fashionable but very cosy)

pretty note books, especially of the cath kidston variety
handing in my dissertation
still loving my instax month and months on

january favourites


normally this would fall under fashion but i've had a bit of a jewellery month
i was drooling at the olivia burton watches in john lewis feeling a bit grumpy that i am so poor, when jay out of nowhere said did i want one as my rotary is still waiting to be fixed, well this baby has firmly been attached to my wrist since and jay was an absolute diamond for getting it for me  

halloumi, with everything.
tzatziki, on everything.
pizza express dates,  an oldie but a goodie.
toaster waffles with nutella on, oh good lord.

january favourites
jimmy choo's perfume, i always get compliments on it
la roche posay effaclar duo, au revoir blemishes
redken diamond oil conditioner, so worth the money (but thanks to mama for treating me to this)

new season of keeping up with the kardashians
nashville, drama and country music are my guilty pleasures 
white collar, matt bomer is just so dreamy 

soooo a little round up of my january favourites, i have received a few lovely things via bloggers mail that i can't wait to share with you!

another favourite thing is seeing the video i was part of as a pilot for rimmel that was filmed in the summer with natasha stanbridge which you can see here as i'm a tool and can't find how to embed it on here!

love livvy

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