Wednesday, 23 April 2014

if you can't come around, at least please telephone.

easter 10
easter 11
easter 12
easter 3
easter 6
easter 8
easter 2
easter 5
easter 7
easter 1
easter 4
easter 9

just a few (million) pictures from easter, thought i'd do a little round up!
in-between working and doing work i've been enjoying being back in the fields for a bit and getting to see my besties which always feels too long between visits
on the easter weekend we had a big family pizza oven session, old timers know what i'm talking about but for you newbies my cousin bill and papa built a pizza oven in my aunties garden and every time he's back from canada everyone comes round and we eat too much!
this also meant i got to see the lovely katie again, her blog is worth a peak! 
i've been in the final throws of my FMP which is turning this little space into an online magazine, i will tell you more in its own post but i'm so excited to share it with you!
papa was busy helping me with my FMP but we were also training for a 10k run which is the next bank holiday, i've even got fancy new trainers!
also over the easter weekend was mine and jays three year anniversary, like normal we celebrated with mexican food and cocktails my three favourite things together!

hope everyone had a lovely easter and ate too much (i know i did, mainly of the hot cross bun variety)

love livvy

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  1. ever envious for your amazing mug collection ! x

  2. Lovely pictures - the cakes look especially yummy! And your anniversary sounds perfect - I hope you had a lovely time xx

  3. Such beautiful photos, your photography always inspires me, the pizza oven sounds awesome, happy anniversary, Mexican food is always a good way to celebrate!

  4. A bit late to the Easter party but love these photos!


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