Friday, 30 May 2014

slowly drifting.


jacket | ebay
tee and trousers | primark
shoes | converse
bag | gift

last weekend family newman went on a little trip up to norfolk.
last week was a pretty busy week for birthdays in our family with mine, papa's and my cousin H's all within one week (H and i were both 21, just add 30 for papa..)
for once i didn't celebrate my birthday with fancy dress, so H did the honours this year!
on the sunday morning, slightly hungover i ventured to the beach with my younger cousins P and G (who aren't that young anymore, i mean G drives!!) and G's lovely girlfriend!
being by the sea is one of my favourite things, doesn't matter how cold and windy it is i will be there with a bloody massive smile on my face (just get weirder don't i!)
after eating many maaany snacks on the beach we wondered round the woods to get back to the car, now i'm going to get all nerdy on you here but oh my gaaad the light in the woods was absolutely beautiful, that perfect soft, bokeh kinda light that i could photograph for hours in!
i seriously want to go back and do a shoot there, probably with P as she is such a beautiful little one!

i brought these trousers a few years ago but have only just fallen back in love with them, its like wearing my pj's acceptably outside and any clothing that feels like that is a okay in my book!

hope everyone had a wonderful bank holiday!

lovel livvy 

p.s. is it me or once you reach 21 you starts to feel bit old?!
might have had something to do with the 10k i ran the other day....

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

tea and toast magazine.

tea and toast magazine
tea and toast magazine
tea and toast magazine
tea and toast magazine
tea and toast magazine

many moons ago (last year) after a particularly terrifying lecture about final year i had a little thought pop into my head, i want to make a magazine and i have for sometime.
of course i could have made life easier for myself by collaborating with other people, however being the logical person am i decided to do it all myself...
i won't lie it was allot to undertake but i am glad i did as it made the end result all the more worth it.
i had so much help and support from my lovely family and friends, papa n especially with eating all the food i made for the recipe sections! 
as well as my best chummy jade who felt with several of my breakdowns, especially when my laptop charger broke a week before my deadline. panic, utter panic. 
i have received so many lovely and wonderful comments about tea and toast already and i just wanted to say thank you so so much for all of you have shared or given feedback i just want to squish all your faces!

i've embedded the magazine below, however I've found it a bit temperamental so here is the link which will take you straight to the magazine!

love livvy

p.s. i'm thinking about making a second edition, what do you think?

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

i've got everything that came out on death jam.

ootd 7
ootd 6
ootd 3
ootd 5
ootd 4
coat, necklace and jumper | primark
jeans | topshop
boots | ebay
bag | cambridge satchel company

i have renewed my love for my tough gal' boots, mainly because when i walk in them i sound like a cowboy. which in my book makes any pair of shoes the best (except if crocs did it, them not so much but i imagine that could be challenging to do...)
not being a massively pink person i was quite surprised when i was drawn to this jumper, but one its comfy and two it looks pretttyyyy nice with my jeans. which meant it was coming home with me!
i can't quite believe i have one week left of uni, this is a rare siting of me outside of the library!  i feel like i want to poo my pants and be excited all at the same time, i think its the heading into the unknown and hoping that grown up's will actually want to employ me?!
my face is extra moon like is the smiley photo, but sometimes you gotta crack out the cheesy grin and a lunge pose....well i do...

there might be a bit of radio silence for a bit but i will be back to share tea and toast magazine with you!

love livvy

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