Thursday, 21 August 2014

see anybody could be good to you

montreal one 21
this section of my adventures takes place when we arrived back in montreal, j decided that after we need to clime 'the mountain' (rather large hill) quite a few hundred steps later with red faces we reached the top and i lurked in the shade being the pale person i am.
the views a pretttaaaayyy nice, i couldn't resist a 'helloooo canada' picture like the big tourist i am!

montreal one 23
montreal one 20
montreal one 18
montreal one 17
montreal one 19
montreal one 16
montreal one 15
montreal one 14
tee | forever 21
skirt | topshop
hat | urban outfitters
sandals | primark
bag | cambridge satchel company

this outfit is one of my favourites of the summer, i got this skirt when it was still chilly but i knew it would be a summer favourite, plus its jazzy. whats not to love. 

montreal one 13
montreal one 10
montreal one 11
montreal one 12
montreal one 9
montreal one 8
in the afternoon we went for a wander round the fine art museum, the faberge exhibition was absolutely beautiful, excellent for magpies like me. plus they had faberge sausage dogs, my two favourite things, but the eggs were the shining stars of the exhibition. 
montreal one 7
montreal one 6
montreal one 5
montreal one 4
montreal one 3
montreal one 2
montreal one 1

for dinner we ventured out to steak frites which was absolutely devine, cooked to perfection and the waiters refill the bowl of chips in front of you at regular intervals much to r's joy.
j and m took us to a james bond/mad men style secret bar called big in japan which is hidden behind an unmarked door next to a hipster pizza restaurant. strong vintage cocktails served by waiters in bow ties (some with really good hair) even though it was 9 on a thursday evening the place was chocablock!

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  1. looks like loads of fun! very chic outfit for climbing a mountain haha xx

  2. I love seeing photo diaries! It looks like such a beautiful place and like you had an amazing time.

  3. Just stunning girl, I adore your skirt! Your photography is just so so dreamy x

  4. Gorgeous post, love your outfit! x

  5. Beautiful photos! The first one, especially! What camera do you use, sweet?

    Laura | KUWB


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