Monday, 18 August 2014

take the night to an open road.

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what happens when you spend two weeks in the land of maple syrup and pastries, you end up about a stone heavier (pretty sure they were going to make me book two seats on the way home)
thats right folks i went on a family newman adventure to canada (french canada to be exact as i know you like all the facts)
this post (and the next few) will be pretty long and picture heavy so grab yourself a tea and a croissant just for good measure.
i'll start with a little back story (told you it was going to be long) 
as you all know i am a lady with many many cousins, well my cousin j met a beautiful lady called m on his travels many years ago and moved to montreal and married her. shortly after j moved his brother b decided to join him in canada and now lives in quebec.
papa n likes for us to go on holiday and visit family and friends so we can have our own personal tour guides and he decided it was about time that went adventured to canada. 
okay have a break with some photos...

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just a quick note to say this was on of the best burgers i have eveeerrrr had, if you are ever in quebec take a trip to chic shack, plus they have nice lights and jam jar mugs which are all good things in my book.
quebec 12
quebec 7
quebec 9
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quebec 11
chocolats favoris a confectionary shop but also has the best ice cream invention EVER, you chose your ice cream and then they dip you ice-cream in melted chocolate which you can also chose the flavour of. oh my laawwwdddd it was incredible, i seriously want one right now. 
quebec 5
quebec 8
quebec 6
quebec 3
quebec 2
most of our time was spent exploring the city and eating (allot) but on our last night we managed to get tickets for cirque du soleil, it only seemed fitting as quebec was the city it was started in. the show was incredible and i won't lie i was humming the tunes all the way home.

now a newman holiday never seems to be normal, this one was no exception. our hotel (well apartment) owner informed us that the what looked like a bar underneath our room was infact a burlesque club to be opened in 2015. 
i tell you what though he sure knew how to make a cracking breakfast: crepe, croissant, fresh fruit with maple syrup and home made jam every morning. if only i could have it for more than a week!
also being the incredibly pale being that i am i burnt my scalp and had to make a little hat purchase in urban outfitters. 
that probably enough for now, i have a few more posts in store for you that include outfit pictures for your viewing pleasure (i hope..)

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  1. Canada looks wonderful, can't wait to read more of your Canada posts!


  2. I would love to go to Canada! I hope you had a really lovely time x

  3. Ah, it looks fabulous and all the food looks amazing! I've always wanted to visit Canada. Hope you had the best time! x

    Bridie| Upon My Sleeve

  4. amazing photos! the food looks and sounds delicious xo

  5. These pictures are stunning! It looks like you had an amazing time, I've always wanted to visit Canada!

  6. I love canada! I have family who live there too but I have never been to Quebec. It looks beautiful though!

  7. Beaut photos and that ice cream looks unbelievable! Glad you had a great trip x

  8. These photo's are lovely, it must be so nice having so many cousins as you get a good reason to visit places and know you see the most of it with your own tour guides! I'm so jealous that you got to dine on pastries as I love them and don't get to eat enough! I can't wait to see more posts


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