Sunday, 28 September 2014

my hidden treasure chest.


i've had these pictures sitting in my flickr account waiting to be shared with you. sometimes i like to keep extra special pictures back and share them with you at a later date so i can enjoy looking through them all again (purely selfish but as the boss its allowed)
jays cousin D got married in june, you may remember i shared pictures of her engagement to the lovely C last year and as you all enjoy pictures of me in a sari i thought best share again.
grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit, i know you want to...

the wedding was over two days so i was lucky to have two outfits and even luckier for jays mama to bring them back from india for me!
i was totally in love with both my outfits, my inner magpie was having a field day but by the end of the day i was happy to get into my pjs.
both days were just so beautiful, the decoration and attention to detail was just perfect and very D, plus she looked absolutely stunning!

now i'm off to make another cup of tea and possibly some cheesecake, its sunday so its allowed...

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Monday, 22 September 2014

precious little diamond.

ootd 4
ootd 2
ootd 1
jacket | ebay
boots | boden*
bag | cambridge satchel company 

this dress highlights that i really am the palest person around which is probably the reason i don't wear black too often! however this little number caught my eye and i wanted to style it a bit more casual than it was shown on the website.
these boots have moved into the rotation of things that i constantly wear (with my leather jacket and satchel) i wish i could say that i don't wear them every day but i do, i really do. 
this little park is a minute away from our new flat, its so pretty and well kept although i was getting a few funny looks as we were taking pictures! 

ootd 3

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

put on your dancing shoes.

just a little post with some pictures that have been lurking on my camera, i think that sometimes these are my favourite types of posts are they show a little glimpse into what i get up to (when i'm not at work or curled up watching nextflix with tea)
i will leave you with a dad joke as thats just how we roll round here
i took the shell off my racing snail to make him go faster. now he's sluggish...
recently 2
recently 1
recently 7
recently 4
recently 5
recently 3

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Monday, 15 September 2014

you were different from my last but now you got it mirrored.

america 20
for my last instalment of my across the pond adventures i take you to america
after driving across the border we indulged in a little macyd's breakfast (not pictured above) now i have notice in canada they really can't give two stuffs that you're english but two miles down the road and across the border the first thing we were greeted with was 'oh my god i love your accent!' which i have to admit i love a little bit...
america 19

our american adventure was to visit a fort (r loves a fort) now i can take them or leave them (especially when its 29 degrees) so i went and hid in the shade with mama whilst the boys looked round. we then wandered down the the kings gardens, a beautiful little walled garden with a big white house and a little path down to the lake champlain. i also discovered a new love in my life, ice cream sandwiches. mainly M&M ones, just devine. 
america 16
hat | urban outfitters
dress | zara
bag | cambridge satchel company 
sunglasses | primark

america 18
america 17
america 15

after all the fort shenanigans we drove down to the town off essex, so obviously we had to wander round and tell everyone we met that we were from essex too! we went on the ferry across the lake to vermont, the scenery across the lake was glorious and i couldn't resist taking 'hair flowing in the wind' pictures of everyone, i tried but looked like a silly sod as per!

america 14
america 13
america 12
america 11
america 10
america 9
america 8
america 7
america 6
america 5
america 4

once we were across the lake we drove to burlington for dinner which was admittedly very american but man they make a good salmon dinner! wish we could have had some time to mooch round the shops but we had a bit of a drive ahead of us.
this is the end of my adventures, i hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride!

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Monday, 1 September 2014

you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt.

montreal three 11
the next adventure was to the botanical gardens (you all know how much a like to take pictures of wooded areas, so there were about ten shots the same as the one above) the weather was boiling so pale and pasty over here hid in the shade for most of the trip.
montreal three 6
montreal three 5
montreal three 10
montreal three 8
montreal three 7
montreal three 12
shirt | H&M
shorts | forever 21
sunglasses and sandals | primark
bag | cambridge satchel company 

my favourite part was the greenhouses, this one had lots of cactuses which induced lots of impressions of cactuses (i know, we're an odd bunch) but the place had lots of little corners and doors to go through which made it allot more interesting. plus it was pretty, which always makes me happy!

montreal three 4
montreal three 3
montreal three 2
montreal three 1

this is my last canada post but i have one more from our day trip to america so the adventures won't stop just yet! (guess i will have to go on more adventures!)

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