Monday, 22 September 2014

precious little diamond.

ootd 4
ootd 2
ootd 1
jacket | ebay
boots | boden*
bag | cambridge satchel company 

this dress highlights that i really am the palest person around which is probably the reason i don't wear black too often! however this little number caught my eye and i wanted to style it a bit more casual than it was shown on the website.
these boots have moved into the rotation of things that i constantly wear (with my leather jacket and satchel) i wish i could say that i don't wear them every day but i do, i really do. 
this little park is a minute away from our new flat, its so pretty and well kept although i was getting a few funny looks as we were taking pictures! 

ootd 3

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  1. I love French Connection, they do the most lovely dresses x

  2. Such a lovely print! xx

  3. So stunning girl, you look amazing! x

  4. Love this dress, it really suits you and is the perfect transition to Autumn dress... xx


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