Monday, 1 September 2014

you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt.

montreal three 11
the next adventure was to the botanical gardens (you all know how much a like to take pictures of wooded areas, so there were about ten shots the same as the one above) the weather was boiling so pale and pasty over here hid in the shade for most of the trip.
montreal three 6
montreal three 5
montreal three 10
montreal three 8
montreal three 7
montreal three 12
shirt | H&M
shorts | forever 21
sunglasses and sandals | primark
bag | cambridge satchel company 

my favourite part was the greenhouses, this one had lots of cactuses which induced lots of impressions of cactuses (i know, we're an odd bunch) but the place had lots of little corners and doors to go through which made it allot more interesting. plus it was pretty, which always makes me happy!

montreal three 4
montreal three 3
montreal three 2
montreal three 1

this is my last canada post but i have one more from our day trip to america so the adventures won't stop just yet! (guess i will have to go on more adventures!)

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  1. Such lovely pictures. They make me want to travel and explore so much!


  2. I love photo diaries! These photographs are super pretty!

  3. These photos are so lovely, and I really like your outfit, especially the shirt! I did laugh when I read you were making impressions of cacti, how do you impersonate a cactus!?


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