Tuesday, 28 October 2014

kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.

V&A trip 6
V&A trip 1
V&A trip 5
V&A trip 2
jacket | rare*
shirt | ebay
jeans | topshop
boots | boden*
bag | cambridge satchel company 
V&A trip 4
V&A trip 3
last week i went to the wedding dress exhibition at the V&A with some of my favourite ladies.
we started in the william morris cafe in the museum (one of my favourite spots) with cake and tea before swooning over all the beautiful dresses! i wish i could have taken pictures but that was banned, but i will say its so worth a visit.
we took granny to 'experience' a sushi bar, none of us had a miranda moment thankfully and we said she never had to go again (i don't mind going again) 
they all came to see my new flat afterwards (man flu ridden jay even cleaned for their visit, he's a gem) which got a granny stamp of approval! 

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Monday, 20 October 2014

wake me up before you go go.

#alprotops challenge 8
last week i took part in alpro's new campaign/challenge called #alprotops 
the lovely people at alpro sent me four different yogurts and many maaannnyyy different toppings,
i then shared my different combinations over five days via instagram/twitter.
i also got sent some pretty bowls (which i almost brought the week before) and a super cute spoon which i will be using allot! they also sent me some lovely gifts for taking part which I'm in love with and will probably be featured soon.

#alprotops challenge 7
#alprotops challenge 1
#alprotops challenge 6
#alprotops challenge 5
#alprotops challenge 3
day one | vanilla yogurt sprinkled with coconut and chia seeds, topped with almonds.
day two | lemon and lime yogurt topped with goji berries, mango chunks and dried strawberries.
#alprotops challenge 2
day three | plain yogurt topped with coconut, plain chocolate and a strawberry (and a few more on the side)
day four | strawberry and rhubarb yogurt topped with muesli and extra fruit.
#alprotops challenge 4
day five | vanilla yogurt topped with chia and flax seeds, almonds and chocolate (and a croissant on the side, it was a sunday need i say mor) 

my favourite yogurt was the vanilla, basically because it tasted like the vanilla custard that i treat myself to at waitrose...and don't eat out the pot...
i  wasn't the biggest yogurt eater before i started the challenge but during the week i felt much better than i do after my normal toast and peanut butter and will be considering a bit more of a yogurt based diet. 

all yogurt and toppings were provided by alpro*

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

i've been sleeping with the lights on.

portobello sundays 1
portobello sundays 3
portobello sundays 9
portobello sundays 2
portobello sundays 5
portobello sundays 4
portobello sundays 7
portobello sundays 10
hat | urban outfitters
jacket | rare*
top | zara
jeans | topshop
boots | boden*
bag | cambridge satchel company
watch | olivia burton
rings | gift and market stall 

back on your small screens with one of my favourite type of posts!
i have to say this outfit makes me feel a bit like a fellow liv (i think its the hat, wishin' i was as cool) 
i took my new jacket out for a spin (sent to my by the lovely people at rare), i finally have a replacement for my ebay one that was literally falling apart, so much so i had to re-sew the arm up...
yet again in my boden boots, i literally live in these, no joke. they were a little treat to myself out of my uniform allowance at the beginning of the season and are very much still going strong (plus they make me a little bit taller, which is rather nice!) 
today jay and i went for an adventure round our new neighbourhood (a ten minute walk to notting hill, yes please) so in search of food and snazzy shops we walked to portobello market (i may or may have not purchased some rings...very naughty) 
after walking round and saying to each other 'i just want ALL the food' we settled on a mediterranean stall, which i really annoyingly can't remember the name of! if i remember i will tweet it! but their lamb wraps are just incredible and not too spicy for wimp over here but off spice if you fancy/have a boyfriend who is partial to that. i then drooled over all the fancy shops and beautiful people in them, quite a standard pass time for me. if only i could be less messy. never going to happen but i can dream.

its definitely been getting a bit chillier and i have to say the autumn is in full swing which i am veerryyy happy about, its my fave and i am not designed for the heat. i think having as much hair as i have the heat just doesn't work.

also i gave the blog a little TLC and got a new layout from the wonderful pipdig, i seriously can't recommend them enough as i am over the mood with the results!

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Sunday, 5 October 2014

walking on sunshine.

so if i haven't banged on about it too much jay and i have moved, we now live near notting hill (yes i feel a bit fancy!)
anyway i'm sure you all know how much i love shopping for home wear, i ventured out to primark today but as jay tagged along i didn't actually buy anything due to the moaning about the queue so after popping in and out of shops i decided that tkmaxx was the best way to go (i really don't need any encouragement to go) 
i also discovered my new favourite shop, joy. i just want everything!

home haul 5
home haul 4
home haul 1
home haul 2
home haul 3
candle, jar and elemis | tkmaxx
mug | marks & spencer
pot | joy

in other news i went on a boris bike for the first time today, on the road and everything so naturally i looked terrified the whole time and only almost fell off once!

boris bike

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