Sunday, 12 October 2014

i've been sleeping with the lights on.

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hat | urban outfitters
jacket | rare*
top | zara
jeans | topshop
boots | boden*
bag | cambridge satchel company
watch | olivia burton
rings | gift and market stall 

back on your small screens with one of my favourite type of posts!
i have to say this outfit makes me feel a bit like a fellow liv (i think its the hat, wishin' i was as cool) 
i took my new jacket out for a spin (sent to my by the lovely people at rare), i finally have a replacement for my ebay one that was literally falling apart, so much so i had to re-sew the arm up...
yet again in my boden boots, i literally live in these, no joke. they were a little treat to myself out of my uniform allowance at the beginning of the season and are very much still going strong (plus they make me a little bit taller, which is rather nice!) 
today jay and i went for an adventure round our new neighbourhood (a ten minute walk to notting hill, yes please) so in search of food and snazzy shops we walked to portobello market (i may or may have not purchased some rings...very naughty) 
after walking round and saying to each other 'i just want ALL the food' we settled on a mediterranean stall, which i really annoyingly can't remember the name of! if i remember i will tweet it! but their lamb wraps are just incredible and not too spicy for wimp over here but off spice if you fancy/have a boyfriend who is partial to that. i then drooled over all the fancy shops and beautiful people in them, quite a standard pass time for me. if only i could be less messy. never going to happen but i can dream.

its definitely been getting a bit chillier and i have to say the autumn is in full swing which i am veerryyy happy about, its my fave and i am not designed for the heat. i think having as much hair as i have the heat just doesn't work.

also i gave the blog a little TLC and got a new layout from the wonderful pipdig, i seriously can't recommend them enough as i am over the mood with the results!

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  1. All the pictures in this post are just gorgeous! I love your outfit as well :) It seems like you had such a nice day (and it can be so hard to settle on a place to eat haha I know the feeling).
    Amber | Lovely Notions

  2. These photos are all so beautiful! I especially love your rings.

  3. lovely pictures, love these sort of posts. Portobello market is amazing. if you get a chance go to the electic diner its fab! amazing brunches xx

  4. Those rings are so beautiful! Hope you are settling in well in London :)

    Amara at Her Whimsical Dreams

  5. love your outfit, and those rings are beautiful.

    thuy xx

  6. Those nails! What colour is that? xx

  7. Such beautiful pictures! Love your outfit, your jewellery is especially fab!
    Really like the new blog layout as well :)

  8. these photographs are so beautiful! love the rings too, can never have too many!

  9. You're looking so gorgeous Livvy! (yep having a bit catch up on your blog - congrats on the move to London!) xo


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