Tuesday, 28 October 2014

kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.

V&A trip 6
V&A trip 1
V&A trip 5
V&A trip 2
jacket | rare*
shirt | ebay
jeans | topshop
boots | boden*
bag | cambridge satchel company 
V&A trip 4
V&A trip 3
last week i went to the wedding dress exhibition at the V&A with some of my favourite ladies.
we started in the william morris cafe in the museum (one of my favourite spots) with cake and tea before swooning over all the beautiful dresses! i wish i could have taken pictures but that was banned, but i will say its so worth a visit.
we took granny to 'experience' a sushi bar, none of us had a miranda moment thankfully and we said she never had to go again (i don't mind going again) 
they all came to see my new flat afterwards (man flu ridden jay even cleaned for their visit, he's a gem) which got a granny stamp of approval! 

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  1. These photos are so stunning! I love your heart print shirt as well.


  2. I have never seen a more beautiful roof and windows - then I read it was the famous V & A, which makes sense now! Definitely want to check it out one day when I'm in London. I really love your satchel, toying with the idea of getting a proper Cambridge ones because they look the loveliest, I think!

  3. Lovely photos, I love the V&A xx


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