Monday, 20 October 2014

wake me up before you go go.

#alprotops challenge 8
last week i took part in alpro's new campaign/challenge called #alprotops 
the lovely people at alpro sent me four different yogurts and many maaannnyyy different toppings,
i then shared my different combinations over five days via instagram/twitter.
i also got sent some pretty bowls (which i almost brought the week before) and a super cute spoon which i will be using allot! they also sent me some lovely gifts for taking part which I'm in love with and will probably be featured soon.

#alprotops challenge 7
#alprotops challenge 1
#alprotops challenge 6
#alprotops challenge 5
#alprotops challenge 3
day one | vanilla yogurt sprinkled with coconut and chia seeds, topped with almonds.
day two | lemon and lime yogurt topped with goji berries, mango chunks and dried strawberries.
#alprotops challenge 2
day three | plain yogurt topped with coconut, plain chocolate and a strawberry (and a few more on the side)
day four | strawberry and rhubarb yogurt topped with muesli and extra fruit.
#alprotops challenge 4
day five | vanilla yogurt topped with chia and flax seeds, almonds and chocolate (and a croissant on the side, it was a sunday need i say mor) 

my favourite yogurt was the vanilla, basically because it tasted like the vanilla custard that i treat myself to at waitrose...and don't eat out the pot...
i  wasn't the biggest yogurt eater before i started the challenge but during the week i felt much better than i do after my normal toast and peanut butter and will be considering a bit more of a yogurt based diet. 

all yogurt and toppings were provided by alpro*

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  1. I love trying new things to add to Greek yoghurt, I think I might steal some of your ideas!

    Amara at Her Whimsical Dreams

  2. Mmmm this looks so good! Breakfast is my favourite meal after all ;)


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