Wednesday, 26 November 2014

autumn strolls.

ootd 25.11.14
2 ootd 25.11.14
4 ootd 25.11.14
1 ootd 25.11.14
3 ootd 25.11.14
jacket | rare*
jumper | primark
scarf | asos
jeans | primark
boots | boden*
bag | gift   
rings | gift and portobello market   

how flipping chilly is it at the moment? this was my attempt at how many layers can i squeeze under my already too tight jacket (must lay off the cake at work) 
london is in a little stage we like to call autumn, everything is so golden and brown in our area, i fear it won't last long and the rain will decent soon.  
this scarf was brought on a bit of a whim but I'm soooo glad i did as its so snug and warm (i keep finding myself stroking it like a pet, i get funny looks on the tube) 
these jeans were also a little gem i found in primark, i have already had the 'so did you fall over' comment from jay about the knee's but they're as thick as my topshop ones so comfy, so basically they tick all the boxes! 

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

the graduate.

graduation 5
graduation 2
graduation 4
graduation 1
graduation 3
dress | missguided
shoes | primark 

i am officially a graduate! i managed not to trip up whilst on the stage, but when the chancellor asked me a question i just went 'errrmmmm' and looked like a silly sod! (liv being awkward, whats new there eh!)
now i will admit that i spent a good chunk of time swirling around in my robe pretending to be in harry potter, this is perfectly acceptable (well my friends did it as we'll stick to that story) 
it feels a bit odd its all done now, got my little certificate and mild headache from my too tight hat (clearly measuring your own head is not the best method)
still enormously proud of my little magazine i made for my final major project which got me my 2:1!

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Monday, 17 November 2014

moon river brighter than a mile.

3 ootd 18.11.14
1 ootd 18.11.14
2 ootd 18.11.14
5 ootd 18.11.14
coat and necklace | primark
jumper | boden*
scarf | ebay
jeans | topshop
shoes | office 
bag | gift

a little lazy day outfit for christmas shopping, these shoes always hide in the back of my cupboard till autumn/winter and then i fall back in love with them. they just make me feel so fannccyyy (sung in the charli xcx way, obvz) 
living a fifteen minute bus ride from oxford street is dangerous for my bank balance, as jay goes to uni on mondays i have a free day that normally ends up being wandering up and down oxford street with  a hot chocolate in hand. i went to liberty for the first time the other day, i spent an hour and a half in there just wandering around, by some sort of miracle i didn't buy anything!
also selfridges have a unicorn in their christmas windows, nothing pleases me more (okay maybe the brownie hot chocolate i had from costa came a close second..)

4 ootd 18.11.14
ootd 18.11.14
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Monday, 3 November 2014

could be something as simple as this.

weekend scenes 5
weekend scenes 3
weekend scenes 7
weekend scenes 2
weekend scenes 1
weekend scenes 6
some snippets of my weekend, its been a busy one!
a little trip back to essex for eating, walking, driving for the first time in ages and looking at my grandparents beautiful wedding album which i'd never seen!
another week another gallery visit but this time with mama and aunty b, we went to see this and you should too (if you like turner, obvz) we also ate allot, but thats never a bad thing...

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