Wednesday, 26 November 2014

autumn strolls.

ootd 25.11.14
2 ootd 25.11.14
4 ootd 25.11.14
1 ootd 25.11.14
3 ootd 25.11.14
jacket | rare*
jumper | primark
scarf | asos
jeans | primark
boots | boden*
bag | gift   
rings | gift and portobello market   

how flipping chilly is it at the moment? this was my attempt at how many layers can i squeeze under my already too tight jacket (must lay off the cake at work) 
london is in a little stage we like to call autumn, everything is so golden and brown in our area, i fear it won't last long and the rain will decent soon.  
this scarf was brought on a bit of a whim but I'm soooo glad i did as its so snug and warm (i keep finding myself stroking it like a pet, i get funny looks on the tube) 
these jeans were also a little gem i found in primark, i have already had the 'so did you fall over' comment from jay about the knee's but they're as thick as my topshop ones so comfy, so basically they tick all the boxes! 

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  1. So pretty and autumnal! Love these shots x

  2. I love these pictures! Your hair is so gorgeous :)
    Allison from

  3. Gorgeous Liv, you look fab x

  4. That jacket is gorgeous! And I like your take on fur, it's classic but with an edge. Looking great :)

  5. lovely outfit xx


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