Monday, 3 November 2014

could be something as simple as this.

weekend scenes 5
weekend scenes 3
weekend scenes 7
weekend scenes 2
weekend scenes 1
weekend scenes 6
some snippets of my weekend, its been a busy one!
a little trip back to essex for eating, walking, driving for the first time in ages and looking at my grandparents beautiful wedding album which i'd never seen!
another week another gallery visit but this time with mama and aunty b, we went to see this and you should too (if you like turner, obvz) we also ate allot, but thats never a bad thing...

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  1. These are all such stunning photos and it looks like you had an amazing time!

  2. Your grandparents are absolutely beautiful. I love looking of photos of when our loved ones were young. P.S. that macaron! Swooooon.

  3. I love this, your photography is just stunning Livvy x

  4. these are insane photos they are gorgeous! That macaroon looks delicious!

    Her Whimsical Dreams

  5. These photos are beautiful! The food looks scrumptious and your grandparents' wedding photo looks so sweet!

  6. Beautiful, heartfelt photographs!


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