Monday, 1 December 2014

urban camouflage.

1 ootd 1.12.14
4 ootd 1.12.14
2 ootd 1.12.14
3 ootd 1.12.14
ootd 1.12.14
jacket | rare*
bag | cambridge satchel company
boots | boden* 
watch | olivia burton 

didn't realise quite how bad my bed hair was when we took these pictures...
i was sent this lovely (and a bit jazzy, make me feel all camouflaged next to trees) dress brightened up a dreary monday no end, i will admit i was a bit chilly strolling through the streets of notting hill (i know mum i should wear a sensible coat) however even at 21 (technically an adult) my clothing choices are never very sensible. 
aaanndnd i know you will all be thinking does she ever not wear that jacket/boots/satchel combo and the answer is no, never. the boots are pretty much glued to my feet.

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  1. So pretty Liv, you look lovely x

  2. From a distance, your dress looks like a peacock tail feather (a very good thing!). Your style is always so inspirational Liv xxx

  3. Always love your outfit posts!

    Thuy xx

  4. I think you hair looks lovely! Your dress looks great too xx

  5. This dress is so lovely, I love how vibrant and colourful it is! I'm exactly the same I have the same go to shoes and they never really leave my feet, in fact it feels alien if I do wear anything else


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